May 20, 2018

GUEST COLUMNS: Programming, baseball, gym and iPads

Williston students should learn programming

By Benjamin Herskowitz

Williston Central School, Grade 5

I am a fifth grader at WCS and have started to learn programming, using the MIT- made program, Scratch, for an enrichment math class on my team. I am enjoying this a lot and believe that Williston should include programming classes in its curriculum for everyone.

Programming is something that not a lot of people know, but should, because programming is what creates online games and things we use every day. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook when he was in college, but his programming experience started when he was young. The thing is, only one of every 10 schools teaches students how to program and because only a few people know how to program in the United States, we need to hire people from other countries and those good paying jobs could be American jobs.

All you need to learn programming is a computer, logic, creativity and a chance. I believe Williston schools should include programming in their curriculum for all in order to prepare for the high paying jobs of our future.


Anybody can try out for the school baseball team

By Storm Rushford 

Williston Central School, Grade 5

Imagine if Lebron James was in college a couple of years instead of winning an MVP award in the NBA. I think the problem is that players can’t play up in a sport they are very good at.

In school baseball, only sixth, seventh and eighth grades can try out. I think that is wrong, because sometimes fifth graders are better than kids that are on the school team. My first evidence to support my claim is sometimes kids that are in fourth and fifth grade are better at baseball than kids that are on the school team. My second evidence is that a fifth grader had a .512 batting average and a kid that is on the school team had a .364 batting average. Batting average is how often you get a hit. If anybody will be allowed to try out for the school baseball team, it will make the team better.


There should be gym class every day      

By Baker Angstman

Williston Central School, Grade 5

I think that there should be gym class every day of the school year. About one of every three American kids are obese and need exercise every day, but do not get it. Kids also enjoy going to gym class. It is my personal favorite class, but we only get gym class for 12 weeks during the 36 weeks of school. Gym also helps us learn how to play different sports and we end up enjoying them more. For these reasons, especially for the health of Williston kids, we should have gym class every day.

Williston students should get iPads for school

By Brandon Arnold

Williston Central School, Grade 5

Imagine if kids started getting 100 percent on almost every single one of their tests. Kids would be smarter, and as a result, would get better jobs in the future. Well, I think that all of this could happen if we got more into technology at Williston Central School. If kids in Williston had their own iPads, instead of books and notebooks, we would save paper and create using 21st century tools. This would help us be ready for our future, where we know that we will need to be experts at learning new skills using technology. America will have plenty of high tech jobs, and I want to be ready. One-to-One iPads is the first step.

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