June 23, 2018

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Project needs volunteers

April 28, 2011

By Stephen Asch

Hello, I am an eighth grader from Williston Central School. In eighth grade, all students are required to do an eighth grade challenge that interests them and has a community component. For my challenge, I’m helping to restore the Allen Brook, which runs through Williston. The Allen Brook is on the state list of impaired waters and is in need of restoration.

With the help of my mentor, Jessica Andreoletti, a Williston Town Planner, I have explored two areas of the brook accessible from Old Stage Road, where the stream buffer is too small and where there are too many invasive plant species.

Chapter 29 of the Unified Development Bylaw states in Section 29.9.2: “There shall be a buffer of at least 150 feet above the ordinary high water mark of the Allen Brook, the Muddy Brook, the Sucker Brook and the Winooski River.” After I collected my data, I wrote letters to the people who had little or no stream buffer. In the letters I let them know that the town is willing to supply trees and shrubs if I organize and recruit a planting crew.  I told them that if they were interested in making a difference, to contact my mentor Jessica. A few weeks after I sent the letters, I was pleased to see that we received responses.

This week I will be presenting my project to the class and recruiting people for a crew. If you are interested in volunteering your time to be a part of the planting crew please call Jessica at 878-6704 ext. 4.
Stephen Asch is an eighth grade student at Williston Central School.

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