September 26, 2018

Governor seats cybersecurity team

Gov. Phil Scott last week filled out the Cybersecurity Advisory Team he created with an executive order in October.

The team will be responsible for developing a strategic plan for protecting the state’s information and computer systems, evaluating statewide cybersecurity readiness, developing best practices for policies and procedures and building partnerships with local universities and colleges to better leverage cybersecurity resources.

“Addressing cybersecurity is a critical mission for government, one that needs engagement, involvement and expertise from across public and private sectors,” Scott said. “That’s why I formed this advisory team, which will carry out important work to improve our readiness and response to cyber threats.”

Members from within the State of Vermont include the Chief Information Security Officer Glenn Schoonover, Chief Information Officer John Quinn III, Homeland Security Advisor Richmond Hopkins, Vermont National Guard designee Brian Cavanagh, Attorney General’s Office designee Ryan Kriger and Vermont Emergency Management designee Todd Sears.

Members outside of state government include: Heather Roszkowski, chief security officer, University of Vermont Medical Center; Tom Dunn, chief executive officer, Vermont Electric Power Company; Phil Susmann, president, Norwich University Applied Research Institutes; and John Rajewski, Champlain College professor.

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