July 22, 2018

Goodwill to relocate to old Buttered Noodles spot

By Jason Starr

Observer staff

For those who love Williston’s Goodwill store, there will be a lot more to love come September. The store is relocating out of its spot on Harvest Lane next to Natural Provisions and into the spacious former Buttered Noodle’s children’s store location up the street.

Buttered Noodles closed two years ago, and its 64 Harvest Lane spot next to Harvest Equipment has been vacant since. For Goodwill of Northern New England, the move is part of an ongoing effort to upgrade from existing retail stores that have space constraints and parking limitations into more accessible locations with open floor plans. The move will double the retail space for Goodwill of Williston, allowing thousands of new items to be displayed and creating six new jobs, according to Goodwill of Northern New England spokeswoman Heather Steeves. “It will be a lot different than the Williston store people are used to,” Steeves said. “People love that store, but it’s not great for the work we do.” One major improvement over the existing store will be the ease of donating items. Donors will have a large parking area to back into, and Goodwill staff will be able to take delivery of items and wheel them on carts into a storage area for sorting and labeling. Currently, items have to be hauled up a flight of stairs. The new location’s placement on the bus line will allow Goodwill to hire employees and attract customers who use public transit. The store will also add a lounge area where patrons can sample the vinyl records that are on sale. “We want to make it a fun place to shop and hang out and spend time with family,” Steeves said. The space is currently undergoing renovations, including new lighting and dressing rooms and the removal of the yellow buttered noodle replicas built into the walls of the old toy store. A grand opening celebration is tentatively planned for late September. “A Goodwill store’s grand opening — or in this case, grand re-location — is really something to see,” said Kossi Gamedah, senior vice president of retail at Goodwill of Northern New England. “We make a big event out of it all week with raffle giveaways and freshly stocking the shelves every hour.”

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