February 21, 2020

Friendly faces at Lake Iroquois

Greeters will provide invasive aquatic plant education

Observer staff report

Four Willistonians will be at Lake Iroquois this summer to greet boaters, swimmers and fishers.

The Lake Iroquois Association has hired a team of young people to serve as greeters at the State Fishing Access. This year’s greeters are all from Williston—Chloe Trifilio, Warren Grunvald and Katie and Julie Macuga. Katie Macuga is in her second year as a greeter and will serve as coordinator of the group, scheduling shifts and working with the town’s financial officer, Susan Lamb, to report the hours worked by each greeter.

Greeters offer boaters hull and trailer inspections, as well as educational information on how to limit the spread of aquatic invasive plants and animals. The greeters will cover weekend hours when boat traffic is at its highest.

The program is funded in part by a grant from the Department of Environmental Conservation. The Lake Iroquois Association picks up the remainder of the costs.

Warren Grunvalt

Warren Grunvald


Katie Macuga


Julie Macuga

Chloe Trifilio

Chloe Trifilio

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