April 22, 2019

Farmers subject to new clean water rules

By Mike Polhamus
For Vermont Digger
Harold Deering and his father raise just under 200 dairy cows on one of about 2,500 small farms that must comply with new rules the state is drafting to protect Vermont’s water bodies from excess phosphorus.
Joining nearly 100 other farmers gathered in Middlebury on Thursday to review the new rules, Deering said he and his father had been preparing for them for years.
Like several others at the meeting, Deering said he hopes Vermonters understand that farmers want clean water as much as anyone else.
“The public needs to know that we’re out—the farmers—are out not to add it to the lake, they’re already trying to keep it contained and monitored in levels that benefit them the most, because it is beneficial to everybody to keep it in the soil, in the crops, to help grow your dairy cows, to make milk, to make vegetables,” he said. “We’re not just out there dumping it into the lake.”

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