February 25, 2020

Early childhood groups join Commission on Women

The Vermont Commission on Women recently added the Vermont Early Childhood Alliance and Let’s Grow Kids to its advisory council, whose mission is to advance rights and opportunities for Vermont women and girls.

“Lack of affordable childcare is often an obstacle to women working full-time and to achieving higher earnings,” said Let’s Grow Kids Campaign Director Robyn Freedner-Maguire. “We know that working women are significantly more likely than men to live in poverty, in part because they often have the main responsibility for the care of young children. Increasing access to high-quality, affordable childcare is a key strategy to helping Vermont women stay and thrive in the workforce.”

The Vermont Early Childhood Alliance is a statewide, independent advocacy coalition of parents, community members, organizations and early childhood providers committed to improving public policies that impact young children between the ages of birth and 8. The alliance focuses on the areas of health, safety, food and economic security and early care and education.

“The Vermont Early Childhood Alliance and Let’s Grow Kids are invaluable partners, informing our commission on topics like access to early childhood services and programs, including nutrition, housing and health, workplace benefits like paid family leave, shortage of quality affordable child care, and the career needs of our child care workforce,” said Cary Brown, VCW’s Executive Director

More information is available at women.vermont.gov.

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