May 24, 2018

December Young Writers Project: Unique

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This week, students responded to the prompt “Unique: What is something unique or special that you can do?”


The Eyebrow Trick 

By Naomi Diamond 

Grade 6, Williston Central School

If there’s one cool trick I can always do at any time, it is raising my eyebrows. Now I’m not talking about both going up and down and up and down. I’m talking about one at a time, one side up, and then the other side up and down like a seesaw. I learned how to raise my eyebrows like that at Sugarbush. There was a really funny lady who sat down with us. She started asking me questions like: Can you twitch your nose? Can you raise one eyebrow? And that’s when I learned to do one eyebrow, except to get the other one up took a lot of practice.


Magical Place

By Hailey Chase

Grade 5, Williston Central School

Something unique that I do is I go to a magical place or sit down outside near water or woods and I erase myself. I go to this place by first shutting my eyes and imagining that my whole body is being erased, finger by finger, and then when it gets to my head—that is the hard part. I have to erase all of my thoughts until there is nothing – then you’re in that magical place.

You can do anything and everything in your magical place. You can ride on magical animals, eat magical food and do anything magical.

If you meet magical people, you can trust them—if your land has good magic and if there is bad magic—well, you can decide what you do. When you are no longer in that magical place, you are refreshed. You are even a whole new person.



By Emily Marvin

Grade 6, Williston Central School

I play guitar, piano and flute. I also sing a little. Every Wednesday I have a guitar lesson with my teacher Julian. I also play in the jazz band at school… I couldn’t live without music!

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