May 27, 2018

December Young Writers Project selections

‘Autumn Trees,’ by Champlain Valley Union High School freshman Erin Bundock, was selected as one of the Young Writers Project’s weekly featured photos in November.

Young Writers Project receives hundreds of submissions from students in Vermont and New Hampshire in response to weekly writing prompts and they select the best for publication here and in 20 other newspapers and on This month’s selections includes responses to a prompt asking students to tell a narrative about winter in short, descriptive poetry or prose.



By Simone Edgar Holmes 

Grade 9, Champlain Valley Union High School 

(Based on the Snow Queen)


Friendship lasts
Even in winter
When all is hazy

Distorting images of the world
A frozen shard
A broken heart

The queen of white
Is black inside
Where it matters

A kiss to numb
A kiss to forget
A kiss to kill will come

The nearby river
And the new red shoes
Are sign enough

Roses are gone
But ravens remain
And love is eternal

A princess and a prince
Are kind enough
To lend a golden coach

Befriend a thief
Whose doves and deer
Will show the way

In a sweet and innocent child’s heart
Is the key
To victory

On a lake of ice
A puzzle lies

To weep will
Set fire to the ice
By the power of love

Much has changed
From young to old
Winter to summer


By Maddie Huber 

Grade 7, Williston Central School 

When I think of winter, I think of fat snowflakes slowly making their way down through the sky. I think of how cold the wood floor feels when I wake up. In winter, I hear the heater blasting on the bus, creating a toasty, warm environment. I think of that day when I woke up to go to school early in the morning.

It was a typical day. The dragging sound of my slippers echoed throughout the house as I was groggily making myself walk down the stairs. “Just another day in wonderland,” I thought, because in 45 minutes I would be at school. I dimmed the lights in the kitchen so my eyes wouldn’t burn at the brightness of daylight.

Last night I had wanted more than anything for it to snow. I could sleep in, and just relax. Maybe I wouldn’t have to go to my after-school activities! I even flushed ice cubes down the toilet.

I poured the milk into a bowl and watched how the little Cheerios floated in their pool. Sleepy as ever, I lazily dropped a spoon into the bowl and watched the splash of milk fly through the air. I walked around the island and took a paper towel from the holder, which was stationed by the sink, which was right under the window. I looked out…

Snow. That’s what I saw. It blanketed the ground in a peaceful manner and created sparkles in the sky. I was overjoyed and couldn’t stop staring.

I guess wishes do really come true. I had never been superstitious, but flushing ice cubes down a toilet is something that, from that day on, I still do. Although it doesn’t work all the time, it’s still worth a try, because you might just get what you wish for.


So much to do in winter

By Dana Kasti 

Grade 5, Williston Central School 

I love winter! In winter, you can make snowmen! Although it is hard, you can make a slide out of snow and sled down it, but you need lots of snow or else it won’t work. You can go sledding down a big hill. And if it’s
really cold outside, you might drink hot chocolate.


Amazing winter

By Kelly Malone-Wolfsun 

Grade 3, Richmond Elementary School 

Winter is so amazing!

I love to run through the snow.

I try to find my dog who is bounding through the snow.

We build snowmen, and we throw snowballs at each other and we sled.

Then our cheeks get rosy pink.

We go inside to have a warm cup of chocolate.

We think about all the fun we had today

and we cannot wait for tomorrow to have even more fun.

Then we see the most beautiful sight we have seen for months!

It is finally snowing!

Snow is the best in the world. I love it!


Next Writing Prompts

Kindness. You have performed an act of kindness. What is it? How does it make you feel? What happens? Did the person know? Tell the story. Alternates: Unsafe. Describe a place or circumstance where you felt unsafe; or general writing. Due Dec. 21

Puns. Have fun with a play on words (i.e. cereal number, sell phone, etc.). Try to fit in as many puns as you can. Be creative! Alternates: Essential. What’s one thing you absolutely could not live without? Why?; or I believe…Start a piece with the words, I believe. Due Jan. 11

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