July 21, 2017

CVU boys hockey team opens with two victories

Dec. 16, 2010

After joining Spaulding High of Barre in sending two Maine teams packing with 0-4 records in last weekend’s tournament in Vermont’s Granite City, the Champlain Valley Union High boys will turn their attention closer to home this Friday and Saturday for the annual Burchard Tournament at Burlington’s Leddy Arena.

The Redhawks will begin their pursuit of the crown Friday night at 8:00 against Colchester High, which opened its season Wednesday night against Burlington High.

Rice Memorial High and Burlington are in the first game Friday at 6 p.m. Losers play Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

Veteran sniper Robbie Dobrowski had nine points in two games as CVU bopped Waterville, Maine 6-0 on Friday night. The Redhawks then rolled past Scarborough, Maine 9-2 on Saturday afternoon.

Dobrowski had three goals and two assists Saturday, as did Derek Goodwin. Also scoring were Jeff Thompson (2 assists), J. P. Benoit and Quinn Kropf.

Net minder Jason O’Brien had 10 saves.

O’Brien made 15 stops in registering the shutout in CVU’s opener Friday night.

Dobrowski fired a goal and helped out on three others. Kyle Logan, Jamie Thayer, Thompson, Benoit and Goodwin also stroked lamp lighters.

Spaulding scored 6-2 victories over Scarborough and Waterville.

— Mal Boright, Observer correspondent


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