January 22, 2019

CSWD seeks proposals for recycling innovations

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No longer free – CSWD will begin selling recycling bins at $5 each July 1.

Solutions sought for mattresses, tires and glass aggregate

The Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) is offering grants to help create or improve markets for certain hard-to-recycle materials generated in Chittenden County — mattresses, tires and glass aggregate.

CSWD is committed to investing up to $40,000 into projects that support or develop recycling markets for the three materials.

Currently, recycling options for these materials in Vermont are limited or non-existent. Mattresses are landfilled; tires are often incinerated in waste-to-energy programs; and the CSWD Materials Recovery Facility has struggled to find consistent markets for the glass aggregate it produces.

“It’s important that we support the development of local recycling solutions for materials that make up a significant part of the waste stream, or that have been a problem for us in the past,” said CSWD General Manager Sarah Reeves.

“There are many factors that challenge the district’s ability to find sustainable recycling outlets for some materials,” Reeves continued. “Vermont’s distance from most recycling markets, shipping costs and our relatively low population density all pose challenges to overcome. We hope this grant program will encourage businesses to invest in markets closer to home, and provide everyone with even more options to recycle.”

Grant applications are due by July 18; awards will be made in September. Eligibility and application information is available at cswd.net. Call CSWD Director of Special Projects Nancy Plunkett at 872-8100 ext. 222 for more information.

Recycling bins no longer free

After distributing roughly 200,000 recycling bins to residents, schools and businesses free of charge in Chittenden County over the past 25 years, CSWD has announced that it will charge $5 per 16-gallon bin starting July 1.

Since 1993, CSWD has spent nearly $1 million providing bins. The district will continue to leverage its purchasing power to provide bins at an affordable price. The bins will be available for purchase at CSWD drop-off centers. Smaller deskside recycling bins will continue to be offered to businesses and institutions for free.

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