May 3, 2016

Williston driver pleads not guilty to criminal charges in Craig Sampson’s death

by Jess Wisloski
Observer staff

Williston resident Joseph Castano, 20, entered a plea of not guilty to a number of criminal charges during his arraignment in a Massachusetts courthouse Tuesday that were related to a deadly car crash over the weekend in which he was the driver.

Craig Sampson, 19, also of Williston, died in the Saturday morning crash in Beverly, Mass., and Castano was hospitalized with injuries. Both men were college sophomores, and had grown up together in town. Those who knew them said they were best friends.

Castano posted $25,000 bail at Salem District Court and was permitted to return to Vermont. He is set to return to court June 7.

Joseph Castano's yearbook photo. (Facebook)

Joseph Castano’s yearbook photo. (Facebook)

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What Advice Would You Give Teachers for Dealing with Kids?

Observer courtesty photo Black and white photograph by Victoria Thompson, Grade 11

Observer courtesty photo
Black and white photograph by Victoria Thompson, Grade 11

By Kenize Wyman

Grade 3

Teachers try hard and we should thank them. My advice would just be stick with it. I love having you guys it helps us and gets us farther in life. I think it is hard work to do your job. It is great that you try. We love it. I can give a lot of advice so keep reading and you will see. [Read more…]


Life is..

By Alex Batres

Grade 7

Life is a path, follow it.

Life is opportunity, take it.

Life is a challenge, meet it.

Life is beauty, admire it.

Life is family, love them.

Life is full of fears, overcome them.

Life is what you make of it. [Read more…]

My Mom is My Most Important Teacher

By Sabrina Butler

Grade 4

Sometimes people ask who is your most meaningful teacher. Well, I’ve learned that my mom is my most important teacher! Just imagine living with your most valuable teacher the learning never ends! My mom is my most important teacher for many reasons. She taught me to not worry about what other people think of me, she taught me to appreciate the outdoors, and she taught me responsibility.

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What Advice Would You Give Parents for Dealing with Kids?

By Lydia Koutras, Grade 10

By Lydia Koutras, Grade 10

By Kate Wyman

Grade 3

Kids can be a pain in the butt. That is why I am going to give you some advice on dealing with them. Trust me I know, I am a kid. You may be asking yourself why do kids never want to do their homework or why are kids so crazy or why do they only want to play and fool around? [Read more…]

Women We Admire

My Mom

By Marina Schmidt

Grade 7

Who is a woman you admire and why?

The one woman that I admire is my mom. A mother of five. She wasn’t always there for me when I needed her, but she has tried her hardest in life. She was a beautiful woman. Long dreads, blue eyes, great smile. A sweet and loving person. Sadly a few years ago it was her time to go. I wish that it had never happened. I remember when I was younger I used to say that I hated her, and she’d say “hate is a very strong word.” Now I regret saying all of it. I remember when we’d take walks together in the woods. We’d talk for hours and hours. Now I don’t get to do that again. I really wish that she were still alive, but we can’t change the past. [Read more…]