December 2, 2015

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PHOTOS: Engineering Challenge

Williston Central School students participated in the school’s annual Engineering Challenge last week, building catapults for marshmallows and vessels for an egg drop, among other things.

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All this weeks Web Extra Articles


Heroines of Democracy

3 popcorns

3 popcorns

By Michael S. Goldberger

Special to the Observer


When historical films like director Sarah Gavron’s “Suffragette” so movingly inform how brutally primitive we were not so long ago, it is decidedly chilling. Hardly more than a hundred years ago, so-called enlightened civilizations were beating up women because they wanted to vote…to represent themselves within the society where they nurtured, toiled and died. It gives me pause to wonder just how aghast future cultures may be when they study how “barbaric” we 21st Century folk were. I.e. – ‘Imagine. They made people pay for health care, food, and energy.’

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