September 17, 2014

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New cell phone law takes effect in October


Vermont’s new cell phone law takes effect Oct. 1, banning the use of handheld devices while driving.
Currently, it is illegal for any driver to text while driving or to use a portable electronic or computing device in a work zone. It’s also illegal for drivers under age 18 to use a handheld device anywhere.
Portable electronic devices include cellphones, PDAs, laptops or tablets and MP3 players, but not CB radios. Devices may be used if securely mounted in the vehicle, but not on the windshield, where it can be reached to activate or deactivate hands-free use through a speaker or Bluetooth device.
Phones may be used, however, for necessary communication with emergency personnel.
An officer can stop any driver with a device in hand. Penalties range from $100 to $200 for a first violation and $250 to $500 for each additional violation within two years.