May 25, 2016

Letters to the Editor

School board aims for transparency

The Williston School Board is comprised of five elected community members. The Board is responsible for engaging the community to establish the mission and vision for the district, establishing the annual school budget, establishing local policies, and negotiating contracts with employees. During this collaborative process, the board seeks and welcomes input from Williston residents on current topics. The board encourages residents to contact the board by:

Attending a school board meeting [Read more…]

Guest Column: Cracking down on speeding

By Chief Frank Koss

The Hinesburg Police issued this stern admonishment and warning on updated protocol for citations and arrests related to speeding last weekend. It was sent to members of the Champlain Valley Union High School email listserv, and the Williston Observer is sharing it widely as a public service to drivers in the area.

As part of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, Hinesburg Police obtained through a grant, a speed-monitoring device that helps us determine the speed on the roads when we are not around. This device records the date, time and speed of the vehicles on monitored roads. Our volunteer takes this information and provides graphs and lists that can help us target especially unsafe and dangerous driving. Case in point…

The first thing that jumped out was the speed on Shelburne Falls Road and that on several mornings and one afternoon, there was a vehicle over 80 miles per hour. Our officer went out that afternoon and cited a 16-year-old female for 88 miles per hour. [Read more…]