October 22, 2016

Williston man arrested in connection with I-89 teen fatalities

Williston crash victims. Facebook images

Williston crash victims. Facebook images

By Alan Keays, Anne Galloway and Jess Wisloski

Vermont Digger/Observer staff

A Williston man was arrested Tuesday night on charges he caused the I-89 crash last weekend that left five teenagers dead and seven vehicles damaged as a result of a high speed tear up the highway in the wrong direction. [Read more…]

Gas leak fears evaporate, pipeline the culprit

Williston Fire and VT Gas investigate calls

By Jess Wisloski

Observer staff

Reports of an intense smell of natural gas on Friday throughout the business and industrial districts, including Taft Corners, led to a wild goose chase by the Williston Fire Department and numerous calls and complaints to Vermont Gas, as businesses and homeowners worried about leaks from about 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., officials said. [Read more…]

Future voters grill candidates at Williston Central

The candidates, along with moderator Aron Merril, concentrate on one of the student's questions during the Williston Central School's candidate forum on Friday the 7th.

The candidates, along with moderator Aron Merril, concentrate on one of the student’s questions during the Williston Central School’s candidate forum on Friday the 7th.

By Jess Wisloski

Observer staff

Candidates for state and national offices showed up to teach students about civics and Vermont leadership at Williston Central School’s traditional Candidates’ Forum on Friday morning. [Read more…]

Protesters picketing Planned Parenthood for 40 days


planned-parenthoodA Texas-based organization protesting abortion rights that’s working with local Catholic parishes planted itself outside Williston’s Planned Parenthood offices last week.  [Read more…]



Dear CVU Community,

Please add this to the list of emails I never thought I’d have to send, but here it goes…

Yesterday, I wrote the email below to all of our students after many expressed fear about our national clown hoax. Several parents requested that I share the information with the whole community. In addition, I have included the message that Principal Parks sent about the events that occured in the town of Williston this afternoon.


Hello Students,


I write to reassure you that there have been no clown threats made against our school. It appears that our national clown phenomena started as a publicity stunt to spark interest in an independent film. Unfortunately, several people across the United States have made ill advised pranks and dressed as a clown to scare others. This pranking has resulted in arrests and in violence towards those who are doing the pranks.


There is also a Facebook hoax that indicates there will be clown-related violence (never thought I’d type that sentence) in VT schools on October 7th. I have been in touch with local law enforcement who indicate that the threat is unsubstantiated. Despite the fact that the threat is not credible, I am very thankful as Hinesburg Police have agreed to be at school on Friday as a way to provide comfort to you!


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have further concerns.
Also, please DO NOT wear a clown costume to school to be funny.






Dear Parents,

Last week a NY Times article shared a “clown hoax” or rumor that is spreading across the county.  If you want to know more about the background of this “clown violence hoax” here is a link to a NY Times article last week.  I also want to let you know that an arrest has been made in the Williston community related to a person dressed up as a clown and scaring people.  The Williston Police Department will be sending out a press release about this incident.  Finally, a “clown hoax” has also been posted on Facebook indicating that there could be clown-related violence in VT schools on October 7th.

Although there are no credible threats against our school, we will be monitoring this situation closely via our local police department.  We may even have a level of police presence in our schools to reassure students that may be concerned.

As today has unfolded, our Middle School students in particular, are discussing the “clown hoax” pretty actively.  Some find it scary and others think it would be fun to get involved.  As a result we want you to talk with your child about this situation.  You know your child best, but some points to consider discussing include:

  • No clown related items should be brought to school
  • Content in social media, like any media source, should be carefully evaluated for accuracy
  • Rumors can easily get out of control and make matters worse instead of better

Thank you for working collaboratively with us on this situation, so that students can come to school and actively learn without distractions.


Jacqueline Parks

WCS Building Principal


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Babies birth trees

Popcorn: “The Magnificent Seven”

They Ride Again

3 popcorns

By Michael S. Goldberger

film critic

[Read more…]