August 20, 2018

What’s the good new Williston?

Williston Town Band: Magician Tom Joyce at DAML

Skatepark upgrades coming

Observer photo by Riley Jenson

New features and improved safety is coming this fall to the Williston skatepark.


By Riley Jenson

Special to the Observer

The skatepark behind Williston Central School will be updated and expanded in the coming weeks.

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Ultimate evening of sports

Even Swiatek (Team Breadloaf) makes a leaping catch during Tuesday evening’s Ultimate Frisbee competition at Williston’s Rec’ Fields.

Team Breadloaf (teal) and Team Equinox (white) battle during Tuesday evening’s Ultimate Frisbee competition at Williston’s Rec’ Fields.

Grabbing lunch at the lake

An osprey enjoys a Saturday afternoon of fishing on Lake Iroquois. Observer photos by Al Frey

What’s Cooking?

By Cristina Clarimon-Alinder

Romesco Sauce

Almonds are ubiquitous in Spanish cuisine. Soups, sauces and desserts all make liberal use of this wonderful and healthy nut. They even feature prominently as snacks, often paired with dried fruit, particularly figs.

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Going the extra [30] mile(s)

Sue Duke

Special to the Observer

One of my Mom’s best friends was reviewing her credit card statement recently and noticed an unfamiliar charge on it for a blouse from L.L. Bean. She called the customer service line and told the representative that she had not purchased anything in the last month and that she’d like her money back as it must have been an error. After careful examination, the representative reversed the charges. A couple of days later, as she was looking through her closet she came across…yes, you guessed it…the blouse she had forgotten she had purchased three weeks prior.

Believing it would be too difficult to explain the whole thing to another representative by phone, she drove 30 miles to the nearest L.L. Bean store, purchased the same blouse and as she was walking out, put the blouse back on the rack.

A refreshing example of integrity.

Help with home chores and small jobs 

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,

What’s the best way to find good, trustworthy, qualified people who can help seniors with home chores or small jobs?

Looking for Mom

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Library Notes

The Dorothy Alling Memorial Library is located at 21 Library Lane in Williston, and can be reached at 878-4918.

Dottie the Bookmobile

June 19-Aug. 30. The bookmobile offers materials for youth and adults. See the schedule at

For Youth

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Beating the heat at Lake Iroquois

A quiet Sunday afternoon of fishing on Lake Iroquois

Greta retieves her stick from Lake Iroquois on Sunday afternoon.

Tracy and Peter Longchamp cruise Lake Iroquois with their dogs on Sunday

A great beach day at Lake Iroquois on Sunday.