May 23, 2018

Candidates lacking for School Board

July 22, 2010

By Greg Duggan
Observer staff

The Williston School Board wants to appoint a replacement for outgoing member Keith Roy on Aug. 16, but first it needs to find at least one interested candidate.

Roy, a MEDEVAC helicopter instructor pilot with the Vermont National Guard, announced his resignation in June due to a pending departure to Iraq. The School Board began looking almost immediately for a community member to fill Roy’s seat, but has so far received no interest prior to the Aug. 1 application deadline.

The School Board directed candidates to send an e-mail of interest to the board.

“So far we haven’t received any e-mails,” board Chairwoman Holly Rouelle told the Observer on Tuesday.

Rouelle and board member Darlene Worth said candidates may have contacted District Principal Walter Nardelli, but he said on Wednesday that no one had expressed interest in the position to him.

“If a community member is interested in education, we would consider anyone who is willing to take on the responsibility,” Rouelle said.

The board is scheduled to meet on Aug. 2.

“I’m sure one of the agenda items will be to discuss what our next steps will be as far as finding an additional board member,” Rouelle said.

She added that the existing board members may need to reach and personally contact individuals.

Whoever replaces Roy would hold the position until town elections take place in March 2011.

Anyone interested in the position should e-mail the Williston School Board at The letter of interest should say why the candidate feels he or she would be an asset to the School Board and detail any past community service experience.

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