January 19, 2019

Oil spill causes temporary closure of section of Route 2

July 18th, 2013

Observer staff report

The French Hill area of Vermont Route 2 was closed Monday afternoon to clean up an oil spill, according to Williston Fire Captain Tim Gerry.

A portion of the road, which stretched from the North Williston Road/Oak Hill Road intersection to Sunrise Drive, was closed in both directions for about 45 minutes, and was closed in the eastbound travel lane for more than five hours until the spill was completely cleaned up, according to Gerry.

Gerry speculated that the spill was caused by a leak from the hydraulic system of a truck, but no “responsible party” has been found, he told the Observer. “We checked with area businesses, but so far we have no information.”

The fire department received the call about the spill at 12:30 p.m., and contacted the state for “environmental spill control,” Gerry said. The state authorized hazardous material cleanup by a contractor—Environmental Products and Services—which will be reimbursed through the state’s Contingency Cleanup Fund if the driver or company responsible is not found. If found, the driver’s or company’s insurance provider would be required to reimburse the contractor, Gerry said. The fire department, however, will only get reimbursed for its costs if the guilty party is found, he noted.

Firefighters “put down 45 bags of Speedi-Dry” and were able to contain the spill to the roadway until the contractor arrived, Gerry said. “The contractor cleaned up the Speedi-Dry and put the oil into 55 gallon drums to be disposed of properly.”

Anyone with information about the spill may call Captain Tim Gerry at the Williston Fire Department at 878-5622.

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