April 25, 2017

Boys lacrosse headed for night game

The Champlain Valley Union High School boys lacrosse team will take on South Burlington High under the lights Thursday night, fresh off of two wins.

On Tuesday, the Redhawks squashed BFA St. Albans 14-1. Elliot Mitchell led the Redhawks with three goals and two assists, while Nevin DiParlo and Alex Bulla each had two goals and two assists. Chandler Jacobson and Cam Rivard each tallied two goals.

CVU netkeeper Owen Hudson made eight saves.

On April 27, CVU walloped Rutland High, also 14-1. Bulla powered in two goals and three assists, and Dylan Schaefer contributed two goals and two assists. Steele Dubrul and Rivard each tallied two goals and an assist, and DiParlo found the back of the net twice. Hoyt McCuin had three assists and a goal of his own, and Jacobson, Zack Evans and Jack Gingras each tallied one goal. Matt Palmer helped the effort with two assists.

Hudson had 11 saves.

CVU will go into the South Burlington game with a 4-2 record.

—Stephanie Choate, Observer staff



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