May 27, 2018

Benefits of summer camp

By the American Camp Association, New England

Expect to find a huge range of activities, opportunities, and settings at day and overnight summer camps in New England. Camps can offer:

Healthy, developmentally-appropriate activities and learning experiences that support classroom learning that just happened as well as what’s coming up in the next school year.

Discovery through experiential education. Campers learn by doing.

Caring, competent role models. Counselors and camp staff choose to teach children in the unique setting of summer camp and campers typically watch and emulate them closely.

Service to the community and the environment. Camp settings provide a natural context for giving. Campers learn to understand their individual role, impact and importance in relation to others in groups large and small.

Opportunities for leadership and personal growth. Camps provide a safe place for campers to practice new skills, to try out new behaviors, and to reinvent themselves.

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