October 18, 2018

Recreation and Parks


Williston Seniors Organization

Are you 55+ and looking to get out and meet people? Do you like a good meal, socialization and fun games? If so, check out the Williston Seniors Organization. It meets twice a month. The first Tuesday is a pot luck lunch and club meeting starting at 11:45 a.m. The third Tuesday is soup and games starting at 11:30 a.m. Come enjoy time with other seniors. The club meets at the Green Mountain Masonic Center, 87 Bishop Ave.

50+ Golden Grooves [Read more…]

Pet-friendly indoor gardening

Observer courtesy photo
Hanging plants is a way to keep them out of the reach of curious animals.

By Melinda Myers

Houseplants make a wonderful addition to our home’s décor and improve indoor air quality. Those with pets, however, may struggle with keeping plants safe from curious pets and the pets safe from indoor greenery.

The good news is you can grow an indoor garden even when you own pets. Yes, some do love to dig in the soil or even eat our favorite houseplants, but with proper plant selection and planning, you can keep your pets safe while enjoying an indoor garden. [Read more…]

Vt. Ski Hall of Fame class announced

The Vermont Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame announced its class of inductees for 2018 this week. An induction ceremony is planned for Oct. 27 at Killington’s Grand Resort Hotel. [Read more…]

Boys soccer takes Essex tournament

By Lauren Read

Observer correspondent

Two goals from Sam Johnson lifted the Champlain Valley boys soccer team to a 4-0 win over Rutland in Essex’s Jay Brady Kickoff Classic on Saturday.

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A decade of service

Observer courtesy photo

Williston Police Chief Patrick Foley recognizes Officer Travis Trybulski, right, for 10 years of service on the force during a recent ceremony at police headquarters.

Around Town

Wastewater plant recognized for energy generation

The Essex Junction Wastewater Treatment Facility was recently awarded the 2018 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

The facility treats wastewater from Williston and Essex. [Read more…]

Task force formed to investigate orphanage murder and abuse allegations

The State of Vermont is creating a task force to investigate allegations surrounding St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Burlington. The allegations include murder, for which there is no statute of limitations, as well as abuse and sexual abuse. The allegations were described in an Aug. 27 article in BuzzFeed News. The Burlington Catholic Diocese, which operated St. Joseph’s Orphanage, has expressed willingness to fully cooperate with the investigation.

Later this week, the Burlington Police Department will announce a process for victims to reach the task force to share their experiences. In the meantime, the task force can be reached by emailing: Orphanage@bpdvt.org.

Sweet relief — FDA backs off ‘added sugars’ label for maple

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced this week that 100 percent pure maple products will not be forced to display a standard label declaring “added sugars” on the package. [Read more…]

Letters to the Editor

Looking for legislative pages

Attention students and parents of Williston eighth-graders: Are you interested in public affairs or politics and getting to know students from around the state? If so, you may be interested in becoming a legislative page, and now is the time to act. Your application is due by Sept. 30 to the Sergeant-at-Arms.

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Guest Column: Welfare: the good, the bad and the history

By Mark Hughes

In our public discourse and debate there are a lot of well-intended discussions around corporate responsibility, and the term “corporate welfare” seems to be thrown around rather frequently. Lately I have seen that the objective of the use of the term “corporate welfare” is to shame corporations into ensuring that they are paying their employees livable wages. [Read more…]