May 26, 2018

I am

‘What I will look like in 20 years’ by Francis Dasilva

By Megan Rexford

Grade 7

I am adventurous and athletic.

I wonder what is out in the world.

I hear people shouting my name as I step out onto the ice.

I see my team and coach enter the rink.

I want to explore the world. I am adventurous and athletic.

I pretend to be Michael Phelps.

I feel the cold water on my body as I hop into the pool.

I touch the block as I get ready to dive into the water.

I worry about letting my team down.

I cry about bad things that could happen.

I am adventurous and athletic.

I understand that life is hard.

I say that you have to keep on moving forward.

I dream that someday I will be an Olympian.

I try to win.

I hope that I will win the gold.

I am adventurous and athletic.

My favorite athlete

By Lindsey Auriemma, Grade 7

Tom Brady

By Will Bartley

Grade 8 [Read more…]

Travel poem

‘Somewhere I would like to travel’ by Olivia Beaudry, Grade 8

By Katrina Kajenski

Grade 8

I wake up

My eyes are gorgey

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Would you like to go to Mars?

If NASA called me up and said, “Would you like to go to Mars?” I would say yes mostly to be polite. But it would take a year. I would take my Mom.

Amrie Millette, Grade 2 [Read more…]

What kids wish adults knew

By Amelia Gibbs, Grade 1

School is tough

Vincent Meyers

Grade 5

I wish adults knew that life in school can be tough. Life in school is tough for me especially because I always want to be the best at everything. However, I know I can’t be the best at everything. Wanting to be the best makes me over-work often. Over working creates stress in my life. Plus, when I over work I don’t really enjoy the work I’m doing. Not only that, but the more work I do the less I enjoy life, and the point of life is to enjoy it. Also, I’m so competitive that I want other people not to succeed, so that then I can be the best. Thi [Read more…]

Seasons throughout Vermont

Photo ‘Beauty in Williston’ by Maggie Lawrence, Grade 5

Adelaide Durant

Grade 7

In summer the leaves are pigmented with a luscious green

The light breeze makes the temperatures bearable

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I wish I had the superpower of…


By Grant Schroeder

Grade 7

If I had to choose a superpower, it would be superspeed. I would choose superspeed because I think it would be extremely fun to run extremely fast. Maybe I would would be the best soccer player in the world someday with that kind of speed. Also it would take like 2 seconds to do my homework. In addition to that I would never be late for anything again. This would also help me in school. I would be able to think and write super fast so I could finish a test super quickly. Plus I would be able to eat faster. Eating at superspeed would give myself more time for activities. But on top of all of that, the best thing about this power is, maybe I wouldn’t be so short because I would grow at superspeed too.

Creating things with my mind [Read more…]

Fruit still life chalk pastels

Ryan Fortin, Grade 4

Winter Mitchell, Grade 5

Henry Wagner, Grade 5

Galadriel Gideon, Grade 3

Windsor Hoopes, Grade 6

Tessa Gordon, Grade 3

If you opened your own business, what would it be?

By Alexa Gillis

Grade 7


If I were to start my own business, I would want it to be a bakery. I would want it to be a bakery because I love to bake. Also, when I make treats, the people that eat them say that they are really good. One way that I would promote my bakery is by putting a huge sign up. Another way I would promote my bakery is by walking around where my bakery is and handing out treats. Maybe I would make a commercial or put ads up in local stores or in the newspaper. If I had my own bakery, I would sell cakes and the people ordering it could customize it. I would also sell different types of fudge. I would sell fudge because when I bring it in to school everyone loves it and it is gone within the first hour of school. This is why I would want to start a bakery. [Read more…]

Are there boys’ colors and girls’ colors?

‘Fluff-winged Cownasaur’ by Elena Wells, Grade 4

By Anna Thorley-Doucette

Grade 1

Are there boys’ colors and girls’ colors? I think that there are not boys’ colors and girls’ colors. Boys and girls can like whatever colors they like. People think that pink and purple have to be girls’ colors. Also, people think that boys have to like black and all the other colors except for pink and purple! So, I think that there are not boys’ colors and girls’ colors.


Boy and girl colors?

By Anika Zimakas

Grade 2

Are there boy colors and girl colors? What do you think? Well, I think that there is no such thing as boy colors and girl colors. People think that a boy color is blue, but my favorite color is blue, and I am a girl. People think that a girl color is pink and purple, but really it is not because I know about five or more people in my class that are boys whose favorite color is pink. Also, it is not fair that people tease people that like “boy colors” or “girl colors”. So, if you see someone teasing someone because they like “girl colors” or “boy colors”, you should say, “Stop! You are being mean!”