May 22, 2018

What would I ask an animal

By Ethan St. Amour

Grade 3

I would ask an elephant what is it like to be an elephant. It might say it is challenging and a bit fun when you think about it for a long time. And I like that I have in awesome memory. [Read more…]

We wish there was a law that said …

“You always have to let the person who is in front of you go before you go when you’re driving. I also wish there was a law that didn’t let you pass.”

Will Hearn, Grade 2

“I wish there was a law that let you get stuff for free. You wouldn’t have to pay for anything.”

Michael Fisher, Grade 2

“I wish there were stricter gun laws.”

Mac Phelan, Grade 2

No-pay hospitals

By Harper Doris

Grade 3

There should be a law that people do not have to pay the hospital when their family member has to go there.

The reason I think this is because, when someone gets hurt they are in danger. The people at the hospital can’t just be like, “Give me your money because this person got hurt.” They are hurt! Why do we need to pay the hospital when they are hurt! It is not fair.

A better way to do it would be, when someone gets seriously hurt and has to go the hospital, they stay there for a while, then, when it is time to go, they just take their family member home. There is not any money involved in that story.

That is why I think people should not pay the hospital when their family member has to go to the hospital.

School needs better Wifi

By Jackson Ruwet

Grade 8

I think that the school should greatly improve the wifi. The school has recently spent millions of dollars on renovations. These renovations have changed the look of the building, but it doesn’t make learning any easier. The wifi is terrible, and at many times, doesn’t even work. Why is it that the school should spend millions of dollars on making the building nicer, but not improve the internet. It sometimes takes up to 5 minutes just for a page to load. This makes learning very difficult, and so I think the school should put more of its budget into improving wifi, not just getting new lights, carpet, and windows. Since internet access is such an important part of our education, it needs to be one of the top priorities. I think I speak for all the students at this school when I say we need to upgrade the wifi.

Help save the poor

Emma Hamble

Grade 3

Please help me to save the poor. They’re starving everyday putting signs saying “Help me I have no food or drink”. If you see somebody holding a sign instead of just passing them help them out with some groceries. If you don’t need some… just say ’’you can have some.’’ You can always get it tomorrow but they can’t get food everyday. What if you were poor and people were passing, you how would that feel? They need our help. Don’t just stand there help them out. Help me save them.

Wish law

By Maya Lewis

Grade 3

If I could make up any law my “wish law” is cropping dogs ears or for that matter any animal’s ears is made illegal. For one reason it is just so cruel to the animal.

There are two ways you can crop your animal’s ears. The first way is a two person job. You also need a knife or scissors. Then one person holds the animal and one person crops the ears.

The second way is more humane, it is having a vet do it. All they do is put the animal under anesthesia and then take a surgical razor and cut the dog’s ears. The animal might not be able to feel the pain but it is still cruel to pay a vet to cut your pet’s ears off.

The worst case but also the most common case is that the animal gets a very, very, very bad ear infection and they have to put the animal down.

Cropping animals’ ears is extremely cruel to the animal and if you have to put the animal down it can be extremely traumatic to the owner or owners. That is why I want cropping animals’ ears to be illegal.

Smoking should be illegal

By Andrew Nunziata

Grade 3

I wish there was a law that said: smoking is illegal. I have a few reasons for this.

First of all, you shouldn’t smoke because when you smoke you get cancer in your lungs. It is called lung cancer. A Lot of people die from lung cancer. If you don’t die from it you get very very sick.

Also you should never try it because if you try it you could get addicted. Addicted means you can’t stop smoking. That’s why smoking is bad.

Also if you stop smoking it would be good because when you smoke it is bad for the environment and if you stop smoking it would be better for the environment.

Remember these things: when you smoke you get lung cancer but when you don’t smoke you don’t get lung cancer. If you never start smoking you don’t get addicted. That is why smoking should be illegal.

Zen dolphin

‘Zentangle and watercolor dolphin’ by Lucy Nichols, Grade 5

Stan Lee

By Sophia Zada-Silva


I would like to see the most famous person, Stan Lee, because he created the “Avengers” and in every movie Stan Lee is in it.

And Stan Lee makes appropriate movies.

What does it mean to be a good friend?


Kayla Barnes

Grade 7

To me, being a good friend means being loyal. Also, being kind makes up a good friend. Sticking with them no matter what is very important to me. Another thing is not being controlling and constantly telling them what to do. One other thing that makes up a good friend is not judging them. Being a good friend means if someone is making fun of someone behind their backs, don’t laugh with them, stick up for them. Another thing that makes up a good friend for me is trust. Honesty is another thing that makes up a good friend. A good friend does not talk trash about them behind their backs. Lastly, a good friend keeps their word.

Friendship check list [Read more…]