September 19, 2018

A decade of service

Observer courtesy photo

Williston Police Chief Patrick Foley recognizes Officer Travis Trybulski, right, for 10 years of service on the force during a recent ceremony at police headquarters.

Around Town

Wastewater plant recognized for energy generation

The Essex Junction Wastewater Treatment Facility was recently awarded the 2018 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

The facility treats wastewater from Williston and Essex. [Read more…]

Task force formed to investigate orphanage murder and abuse allegations

The State of Vermont is creating a task force to investigate allegations surrounding St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Burlington. The allegations include murder, for which there is no statute of limitations, as well as abuse and sexual abuse. The allegations were described in an Aug. 27 article in BuzzFeed News. The Burlington Catholic Diocese, which operated St. Joseph’s Orphanage, has expressed willingness to fully cooperate with the investigation.

Later this week, the Burlington Police Department will announce a process for victims to reach the task force to share their experiences. In the meantime, the task force can be reached by emailing:

Sweet relief — FDA backs off ‘added sugars’ label for maple

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced this week that 100 percent pure maple products will not be forced to display a standard label declaring “added sugars” on the package. [Read more…]

Letters to the Editor

Looking for legislative pages

Attention students and parents of Williston eighth-graders: Are you interested in public affairs or politics and getting to know students from around the state? If so, you may be interested in becoming a legislative page, and now is the time to act. Your application is due by Sept. 30 to the Sergeant-at-Arms.

[Read more…]

Guest Column: Welfare: the good, the bad and the history

By Mark Hughes

In our public discourse and debate there are a lot of well-intended discussions around corporate responsibility, and the term “corporate welfare” seems to be thrown around rather frequently. Lately I have seen that the objective of the use of the term “corporate welfare” is to shame corporations into ensuring that they are paying their employees livable wages. [Read more…]

Lawmakers improve access to chiropractic care

As Vermonters look to select health insurance plans from the Vermont Health Exchange for 2019, they will notice a sharp decrease in chiropractic co-payments for the silver and bronze plans. That’s because, during a special legislative session in June, lawmakers passed S.1, an act limiting the co-payment requirement for chiropractic care visits to that of a co-payment for primary care visits. Gov. Phill Scott signed the bill into law earlier this summer.

[Read more…]

VT files suit: ‘We’re going to war with big pharma’

Observer courtesy photo
Attorney General TJ Donovan announces a new state lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, the company that manufactures and markets the opioid painkiller OxyContin, during a press conference last week in Burlington.

Alan J. Keays

For VTDigger

When Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo approached reporters outside a Burlington courthouse last Wednesday afternoon, he didn’t mince words about the upcoming announcement. [Read more…]

GMP, GlobalFoundries agree on power deal

GlobalFoundries and Green Mountain Power announced Tuesday a multi-year agreement on more stable energy costs.

Representatives of the microchip manufacturer, which acquired the former IBM site in Essex in 2014, have said that predictable energy costs are a key to keeping the plant operational. The company employs about 2,500 people at the facility. [Read more…]

Successful first tri

Honey Bee Whitney heads for the finish line.

Alex Montgomery and Hannah Wolny ran in the 10-12 age group.

A group of age 7-9 swimmers wait for their swim heats.

Residents in the Indian Ridge neighborhood came together Labor Day to throw an inaugural triathlon that they hope to make an annual event.

The Indian Ridge Kids Triathlon included about 50 kids in three age groups. The event included a swimming leg in a neighborhood pool followed by a bike and run on neighborhood streets. [Read more…]