April 26, 2018

Around Town

Watson reaches 500

Williston Central School student Tommy Watson trained his 500th person in hands-only CPR last week at the Boston Go Red For Women Luncheon—Deirdre Lincoln, a heart attack survivor.

Watson, now a freshman at Champlain Valley Union High School, worked to promote hands-only CPR for his eighth grade challenge at Williston Central School. Aside from teaching the method to 500 people, Watson worked to support a bill, passed in May, which gives every Vermont student the opportunity to learn CPR.


Groups address erosion at Lake Iroquois

Two groups are working on a project to stop erosion at the Lake Iroquois public beach.

The Lake Iroquois Recreation District (LIRD) and the Lake Iroquois Association (LIA) were recently awarded an Ecosystem Restoration Program grant through the Agency of Natural Resources to stop gullying on the Lake Iroquois public beach and the resulting erosion of sediments into the lake. The two groups will use the $7,000 grant to develop an ecological landscape design to reduce erosion while enhancing aesthetics through bio-retention basins or rain gardens and other landscaping practices.

Rainstorms frequently send gushing water across the Lake Iroquois parking lot and beach, pushing road gravel and sand into the lake and carving deep trenches and costing the town time and money to fix.

Aside from making the beach less attractive and safe, the erosion adds phosphorus to the lake and adversely impacts aquatic habitat. The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources lists Lake Iroquois as the third-worst lake in Vermont for phosphorous levels.

The LIA is a non-profit organization whose focus is to maintain and enhance healthy ecosystems and appropriate public uses of Lake Iroquois. It attempts to identify the source of any pollutants that may be introduced into the lake and take action to mitigate the problem.

LIA and LIRD are now defining the scope of the project and searching for an engineer/designer. The groups plan to have a designer hired in March, a current site plan by May, two public meetings in June and July and a final design defined in September. The public meetings will give residents an opportunity to discuss, ask questions and provide input for consideration during the design process.

Interested businesses can find the Request For Quotation document on the Williston website, town.williston.vt.us.

For more information about the project, visit www.lakeiroquois.org.

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