July 25, 2017

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Oct. 20, 2011



Kindred Connections, an organization that provides peer support for those affected by cancer, is coming to Chittenden County and looking for cancer survivors who want to give back.

Anyone who wants to help needs to undergo training to learn high-level communication skills. There was a three-part training at the American Cancer Society in Williston in September and early October, and there will be more in the future.

If you are a cancer survivor and would like to give back to your community, call (800) 652-5064 or e-mail info@vcsn.net. Visit www.vcsn.net for more information

Kindred Connections began in Franklin, Orange and Washington counties.


  1. tcoletta says:

    almost 3 decades ago when williston started it’s development review process the public works section was pushing for a wider roadway typical for residential streets. The town adopted 30 ft widths vs 24ft. That’s 6/24 (30%) additional impervious area and runoff that needs to treated before flowing into ALLEN BROOK. The town and selectboard have indicated a lack of interest to reach out and help communties like mine that have had expired stormwater permits for more then a decade. Its always been a wait and see, well I see where this headed now.

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