May 26, 2018

Around Town

Homestead Declaration Reminder

Williston residents are reminded to file their Homestead Declaration (Form HS-122) by the April 17 deadline. It can be filed with the Vermont Income Tax Return or electronically at any time. For property tax purposes, a property is considered “nonresidential” until it is claimed as the owner’s “homestead.” A property owner must file a homestead declaration if the owner owns and occupies the property as his or her primary residence and is domiciled in Vermont. Owners of homestead property acquired as of April 1, 2016 must file by the April 17 deadline. Late filing will be accepted through Oct.15, but a late filing penalty may apply.

For those seeking a property tax adjustment, Form HI-144, the Household Income Schedule, must be completed to determine eligibility. Generally, household incomes of $141,000 or more do not receive an adjustment. The maximum property tax adjustment is $8,000. Residents will not receive a Property Tax Adjustment unless both a Form HS-122 (Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Adjustment Claim) and a Form HI-144 (Household Income Schedule) are filed.

For more information, visit or contact the Vermont Dept. of Taxes at 828-2865 or toll-free in Vermont at 866-828-2865.

New committee appointees

The Selectboard approved nominations to appoint resident Amy Brewer as the Williston alternative representative to the Green Mountain Transit Board of Commissioners, serving as backup to Chapin Kaynor. Residents Tim Armstrong and Carolyn Tesini were also recently appointed to serve on the Recreation Committee. Tim Armstrong was also appointed.

Six traffic and speed
projects approved

At the Feb. 7 Selectboard meeting, the board approved a Regional Unified Planning Work Program List for Williston, under the advisement of Public Works Director Bruce Hoar. The six projects included in the planned work are:

A multi-modal sidewalk study on Maple Road

Traffic calming measures on Blair Park Road

Traffic and speed counts on Southridge/Lawnwood Drive

A pedestrian study on Sunset Hill Road

Speed limit study to be done on Old Stage Road, north of Mountain View Road

Traffic calming in the Chamberlin/Brennan Woods neighborhood

At the traffic measures hearing, residents of the Brennan Woods neighborhood spoke in support of finding a way to lower the traveling speeds of people coming in and out of the neighborhood. “There are 27 children [who are] 12 and under right in our strip where it is posted 25,” said Mary Jo Dubois, a resident. “If you’re a mom and you’re outside with your children and they’re playing outside, it’s way too fast. People just fly by. That’s our main concern – that something horrible is going to happen, and we have this data that shows that people are speeding,” she said.

Data presented at the meeting, compiled by the police, showed an average of 33 mph on streets that are posted at 25 mph, Hoar noted.

Following the hearing, all of the projects on the list were approved.

Stop sign removal set

The Motor Vehicle and Traffic Ordinance of the town of Williston was changed at the Feb. 7 Selectboard meeting. The board voted unanimously, following a public hearing and advisement by Public Works, to remove two stop signs on Zephyr Road at the intersection of Day Lane. The town will also be removing two stop signs on Blair Park Road at the intersection of Paul Street. The measure will include adding one stop sign on Paul Street at the intersection with Blair Park Road, as well as creating a “no parking zone” on the northeast corner of the Zephyr Road/Day Lane intersection.

Big Basket Raffle

The annual Big Basket Raffle, now in its 17th year, takes place Saturday, March 25. It starts at 6 p.m., admission is free and it is an adult-only event to benefit the Families As Partners (FAP) for Williston Schools (K-8.) There will be w50 to 60 baskets and more than 25 silent auction items, all of which are donated by local businesses and parents of students at the schools. These volunteers are busy filling baskets already. This is the largest fundraiser for the FAP and typically has an attendance of over 300 people, mostly residents of Williston. Williston Families As Partners is Williston’s PTA organization, and provides a forum for parents, teachers, administrators and community members to actively discuss activities, events and programs in the Williston schools. The participation of teachers and administration differentiates the group from a typical PTO/PTA, and helps further promote children’s health, wellbein and educational success, according to FAP. It also serves as the fundraising arm of the Williston School District.

Federated Church rummage aale

Williston Federated Church, at 44 North Williston Rd., hosts a Rummage Sale on Friday, March 31 from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. and Saturday, April 1 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Come and shop for gently worn clothing for all ages. On Saturday, fill a 30-gallon trash bag for $5. For more information, contact Carol at 862-7400.

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