April 25, 2017

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December 12th, 2013

Bills due

The Town of Williston water and sewer bills have been mailed and are due by Dec. 30 at the town clerk’s office.

Blood drives scheduled

Two Red Cross Vermont blood drives have been scheduled in Williston, both in Maple Tree Place at 28 Walnut Street. Blood drives are set for Dec. 14 and Dec. 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Champlain Valley Union High School will host the largest debate/speech tournament of the year on Saturday, Jan. 11.
More than 150 students from across the state will compete in this event.
The team is looking for citizen judges for the event from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. No experience is required, training and nourishment are provided
For more information, contact Chris O’Donnell at codonnell@cvuhs.org

Public funding available for prekindergarten

St. George and Williston children between the ages of three and five are eligible for public funding for preschool for the 2013-2014 school year.

Publicly funded prekindergarten is defined as six to 10 hours of developmentally appropriate early learning experiences based on Vermont’s early learning standards.

Chittenden South Supervisory Union’s publicly funded prekindergarten programs are located in community private early care and education programs that meet specific quality standards, and a classroom in each of the kindergarten through grade 8 schools within the supervisory union. CSSU partners with more than 20 community early care and education programs, including the Bellwether School, Heartworks and Kinderstart.

The prekindergarten program offered in the public school is tuition free. The prekindergarten program offered through a community early care and education program may charge families the difference between their actual cost of providing the prekindergarten program and what CSSU pays. Families would continue to be charged fully for whatever care and education program the child attends beyond the 10 hours per week during the academic year. CSSU recommends that parents contact the prekindergarten program directly for information about tuition.

To apply, contact Wendy Clark at 383-1235 or wclark@cssu.org, or visit the Chittenden South Supervisory Union website at www.cssu.org.


  1. youngvt says:

    I am writing in response to Mr. Hoxworth’s article on transportation costs for the poor in Vermont. I would like to suggest further research on this topic before we simply just give another handout or tax credit. The poor, may, have a higher disproportionate burden on their transportation costs than the wealthier residents of Vermont; however, they also have a lower disproportionate burden on taxes and housing. Pick your evil.
    We can simply just give every poor Vermonter an energy efficient car, gas card, free tuition, renter’s rebate, etc.…but the only way out of poverty is through the combination of education, hard work, and discipline. Education and degrees are not handed out or purchased; a person has to EARN them. This seems to be the only way out of poverty—sorry, there are no shortcuts.
    If we continue this trend of enabling, our entire state will be a welfare state.

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