January 22, 2019

Animal interviews

By Jack Thorley Doucette

Grade 3

Questioner: Hey Snake, I have a question. How do you eat your prey if you don’t have any claws or fangs?

Snake: Well one way our species kills our prey is that if we are a kind of constrictor we wrap ourselves around our prey to strangle them. If we aren’t constrictors we have (sometimes poisonous) fangs. So you are wrong in a way. We wait in tall grass and then at the right time we ambush and bite our prey

Questioner: Hey Zebra why do you have stripes?

Zebra: We have stripes to help us survive in the wild. They help us because if a lion or another predator decides to attack us and we run they won’t be able to see one of us. It is hard to see one of us when we’re running because of the stripes. This is why we have stripes.

Questioner: Monkey why do you have prehensile tails?

Monkey: We have prehensile tails because we live primarily in the trees. Prehensile tails are useful because they help us hang by our tails. We use this skill to get away from predators and get food. These tails are parts of the body that are very capable of grasping tree branches.

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