A remarkable person

By Windsor Hoopes, Grade 6

Emma Richling

Grade 8

The person that inspires me is pretty remarkable. He is the most generous person you will ever meet. He left school after 11th grade to join the Army National Guard. He is strong, kind, and sweet. He does not like to sit still. He is 75 years old and is still working. He lives and works for his children and grandchildren. He loves to fish and cook. He always puts other before himself. He loves sports, especially the Yankees. He takes me out to breakfast almost every Sunday and these are some of my favorite times. He is my grandfather and his names is Robert Richling.

My grandmother inspires me

Kenzie Wyman

Grade 5

My grandmother inspires me because she is a role model. For example, one time I was with her and someone dropped something in the grocery store. She picked it up and gave it to the person. She is always being nice and smiling. She is nice to everyone and I want to be like her. In addition to this she is also sweet and kind. She is willing to do anything for anyone. As I am saying this, I am realizing she is a great role model! I want to be as nice as her.

Another reason my grandmother is the best role model is because she always has a smile on her face. For example, it makes me feel good when you are around someone that is so cheery and nice. That is what makes a good person. Every time I go to her house she always greets me with a smile and really cares.

Also she says hi to people all the time and has a smile when she says hello. They usually say hi back but it is the thought that she said hi to them. It is the right thing to do say hi back but it is okay. She also gives people she doesn’t know smiles. One time she made someone’s day. I wish everyone was as nice as her.


Leaf of light

By Kaylee Eaton

Grade 8

Imagine a leaf in the morning dew.

Green and vibrant but yet elegant and soft with a modest green glow.

As the seasons pass the morning dew stops and turns to frost.

The world twists to a new shade of white.

The leaf suffocates under the blanket of snow and holds its breath.

The world twists again wringing out the snow like a old cloth.

The leaf takes its last breath, blowing away in the morning sunrise and disintegrating on the wind.

The journey of that leaf is over.

A bud grows where the leaf once basked in the summer sun.

A new leaf will take a risk and soak in the sun before the crisp winters of Vermont descend once again.