May 23, 2019

A Gift from Two Places


Andrew Nguyen

Grade 4

What friends need to understand is that being a part of two cultures is challenging. Sometimes people ask what kind of rice do you eat, or what do you put on your rice? Well, I have found that the climate, food, holiday differences are tricky.

It is hard to have two cultures because the climate is different. One reason is Vermont is cold so I wear all these coats, snow pants, gloves, jackets! And these things are odd in Vietnam. Another example is the climate is different in the summer and it feels hot and that feels normal to me. Vermonters complain about hot summers and I don’t know why it is hot for them. On the other hand in Vietnam I wear T-shirts,shorts and,hats and that feels great. the snow pants and boots slow me down a lot and tired me out.

Another reason it is hard to have two cultures is because the foods are different. For example, one time at the cafeteria I got pizza and I went out to eat. When I took a first bite of that pizza it tasted awfully strange. It had cheese, wheat, tomato sauce and spices that I was not familiar with it. The pizza had only one strong flavor which is the tomato sauce. When I put it in my mouth it felt sticky and hard because of cheese and adding on it did not taste good. I feel it burning down my body. I decided to throw pizza away and eat my Doritos instead. Since then, I decided to never eat pizza again. Next time, I would prefer to eat fish and rice. This shows that it is hard to have two cultures because the foods are so different.

Most recently It is hard to have two cultures because the holidays are different. For example, my family celebrates Vietnamese New Years and most of the kids in school celebrate Christmas. My friends get very excited during holidays and I don’t. Instead I get excited during Vietnamese New Year and my family come together and it party also it last for almost the whole day and I get time to spend with my family.

As I am finishing I imagine you thinking how to live like that. Having two cultures is challenging. If you want to you can go Vietnam over the summer, go outside and compare how hot it is to here!

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