May 20, 2018

2nd unbeaten season for CVU JV girls hoops

April 17th, 2014

By Mal Boright
Observer correspondent
The recently completed girls basketball season was a 24-0 prefecto for the varsity.
But the junior varsity and the freshman teams were sipping the same orange juice—the jayvees put up a second straight 20-0 mark while coach Katie Kuntz’ freshmen went 12-0.
That’s an overall 56-0 mark, which, as the old saying goes, is not at all shabby.
Jayvee coach Kathy Kohlasch said in a recent phone chat with the Observer that both the junior varsity and freshman groups “played well as teams.”
The jayvees were dominant all season, knocking down 1,047 points for an average of about 52 while allowing just 420, or 21 per outing. That’s some serious bopping.
Top scorer was sophomore guard-forward Amanda Daniels with 148 points, followed closely by sophomore guard Madison Randall with 132. Freshman forward Abby Thut had 120, sophomore forward Catherine Cazayoux 118, while freshman forward Marlee Gunn and sophomore forward-guard Maeve Higgins each bagged 116 tallies.
Leading rebounders included Thut, sophomore Emma Frost and sophomore Lia Gagliuso.
Kohlasch said the top playmakers were Randall, sophomore Vina Nguyen and sophomore Annie Keen.
Dropping long buckets from out deep were junior Makayla Merchant and sophomore Emma Hess.
Defense is more than just a word with the program and among super active defenders were Higgins and Cazayoux.
Sophomore Annabella Pugliese, on the varsity roster, saw some playing minutes with the jayvees. Daniels and Randall dressed with the varsity during the four-game playoff season while Higgins and Gagliuso practiced with the big team during the postseason.
Kohlasch is optimistic about the future prospects for players on both jayvee and freshman rosters.

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