July 19, 2019

Vermont’s fall fishing opportunities abound

The cooler water temperatures of fall offer some of Vermont’s best fishing of the year with increased opportunities for bass, northern pike, trout and landlocked salmon.

Vermont is renowned for its colorful fall foliage, but fall also offers some of the best fishing opportunities of the year according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

 The cooler water temperatures of fall stimulate Vermont’s largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as northern pike to feed heavily, bringing some of the best fishing of the year at a time when you won’t see much competition from other anglers.

“Bass fishing heats up as water temperatures cool down,” said Bernie Pientka, a fisheries biologist with Vermont Fish & Wildlife. “If you would like to get in on some unbelievable fishing, you need to get out on the water this fall. Lake Champlain, and lakes St. Catherine, Morey, Bomoseen, Hortonia and Seymour have fantastic fishing for both largemouth and smallmouth bass as well as other species, and the bass season doesn’t end on most lakes until Nov. 30.”

Several species that are typically difficult to catch without boats and specialized equipment become more predictable and easier to catch as they start migrating toward spawning areas. Lake trout move onto their spawning reefs, often close to shore, in mid-October and will be there until mid-November. Places to target them on Lake Champlain include the ledges off Button Bay State Park, Arnold’s Bay and the west shore of Grand Isle.

Even though steelhead spawn in the spring, some will often begin migrating into their spawning rivers in the fall such as Lewis Creek in North Ferrisburgh and the Black and Willoughby Rivers in the Northeast Kingdom.

Landlocked Atlantic salmon migrate in the fall into several Lake Champlain rivers and provide shore-based river fisheries. Try the Salmon Hole on the Winooski River, below Peterson Dam on the Lamoille River and the west shore of Grand Isle. Lake Memphremagog salmon also enter the lower Clyde River at Newport in the fall, but the fishing there is catch-and-release with artificial flies or lures from Sept. 1 through Oct. 31.

Vermont fishing licenses are available online. Regulations are found in the 2018 Fishing Guide and Regulations available from license agents and on the Fish and Wildlife website. For additional information, contact Vermont Fish and Wildlife at 828-1000 or email FWInformation@Vermont.Gov.

Fleming: women, fashion and magazines

Step back in time at the Fleming Museum this fall to explore the historical role of women.

On Wednesday, Oct. 10 at noon at the Fleming Museum, UVM English Professor Mary Lou Kete will offer a presentation entitled “Patterns for American Womanhood: Magazines, Race and Gender in 19th Century America,” which examines the role of women—as readers, authors, and editors—in making the magazine one of the most important sources that defined how to be a woman and an American. In the years before the Civil War, the magazine had helped white women redefine notions of femininity and to claim a right to help fashion American values. In the aftermath of the war and Reconstruction, black women turned to the magazine to further their project of “Racial Uplift” by providing models for black American womanhood.

An exhibit entitled “Victorian Fashion and Femininity” will also be featured at the museum through Dec. 14. Through women’s clothing and accessories from the Fleming Museum’s collection, along with excerpts from popular American women’s magazines such as “Godey’s Lady’s Book and Peterson’s Magazine,” the exhibit “explores how fashion embodied the many contradictions of Victorian women’s lives, and, eventually, the growing call for more diverse definitions of women’s roles and identities,” according to the museum’s website.

For more information, visit www.uvm.edu/~fleming/index.php?category=exhibitions&page=exhibitions

Cooking Corner

Fall for a flavorful cheese board

Some of the most beloved flavors are inspired during the fall, and there are few better ways to enjoy the season’s best than with a group of friends and family. Get ready to wow guests with seasonal treats that invite everyone to indulge in fall flavors. [Read more…]

Shelburne Players ‘Sleeping Indoors’

Cast of ‘Sleeping Indoors’ rehearse for the October opening of this comedy-drama by Jim Holt, presented at Shelburne Town Center on Oct.12. 13, 14, 18, 19 and 20. Cast features local actors David Belvedere as Dwain, Jacey Fountain as Nichole, Dennis McSorley as Paul, and Linda Kindsvatter as Nora. More information and ticket reservation link at www.shelburneplayers.com.

Top dental care products for seniors

By Jim Miller

Dear Savvy Senior,

I have arthritis in my hands that affects my grip strength and dexterity and makes brushing my teeth difficult. I’ve read that electric powered toothbrushes help make the job easier. Can you make any recommendations on what to get?

Still Smiling

Dear Still,

For seniors who suffer from arthritis or have other hand weaknesses, an electric toothbrush is a great solution to keep your teeth clean. At the push of a button, an electric toothbrush will do everything but shake, rattle and roll to do the cleaning for you, and most come with a wide handle and rubberized grip that make them easier and more comfortable to hold on to. [Read more…]

CVU sports roundup

By Lauren Read

Observer correspondent

The Champlain Valley girls cross country team traveled back from the Manchester Invitational in New Hampshire with a trophy.

The CVU girls finished in the top spot in the Manchester Invitational on Saturday, with Alice Larson and Ella Whitman each earning a place in the top 7 to pace the Redhawks. [Read more…]

Chittenden County Roadword


The Route 2A safety improvement project between Bittersweet Lane and the Winooski River Bridge includes work at Bittersweet Circle Monday through Wednesday and at Eastview Circle Wednesday through Friday. Traffic control will be present allowing for one lane of alternating traffic during the week. This project will be completed in mid-August of 2019. More information is available at http://countonitinc.com/category/rte-2a-improve/

Burlington [Read more…]

Recreation and Parks


Williston Seniors Organization

The Williston Seniors Organization meets twice a month. The first Tuesday is Pot Luck lunch and club meeting starting at 11:45 a.m. The third Tuesday is Soup & Games starting at 11:30 a.m. Club meets at the Green Mt. Masonic Center, 87 Bishop Avenue.

50+ Golden Grooves [Read more…]

Tips and tricks to stay warm and energy efficient

By Ryan Kiscaden

Special to the Observer

As you heat up your home this winter, will you be thinking about energy efficiency? Many Vermonters say, “Yes.”

In 2017, WalletHub conducted an energy efficiency study ranking the “greenest” states in the U.S. It might have surprised many — except Vermonters — that their state finished in first place. WalletHub contributed the Green Mountain State’s top ranking to its residents’ fiscal sense, environmental smarts and eco-friendly behaviors.

Vermont is a longtime leader in the environmental field, and with app [Read more…]

Composting basics

 By Bea Cole

Special to the Observer

Vermont’s Act 148 states that no more food waste will be allowed in trash by 2020. The most logical solution is to compost that waste, which for some people is a natural process, but for others raises concerns. [Read more…]