May 28, 2020

Vt. is leading the nation in clean energy jobs

A national report distinguished the state of Vermont as having the highest number of clean energy related occupations, Gov. Peter Shumlin said last week.

One in 17 workers, or about six percent of the overall workforce, now works in the renewable energy sector, according to the Department of Public Service, which announced the report’s findings May 18.

In the past year, the state saw an increase in 1,400 clean energy jobs, bringing the total of Vermonters employed in the clean energy industry to 17,175, the office said in a press release.

Vermont has the highest number of jobs per capita of any state in the U.S., according to the release. The report, called the 2016 Clean Energy Industry Report, is generated by the state of Vermont, hence largely looks at the details of the state’s own economy. A search for federal clean-energy industry reports resulted in reports on surveys of the growth in energy careers across the nation, without differentiating by state and growth in solar industry jobs, again without differentiation by state. [Read more…]

The unsuspected upsides of a carbon pollution tax

Traffic backs up along Williston Road near Route 2A during rush hour.

Traffic backs up along Williston Road near Route 2A during rush hour.

By Luc Reid

Special to the Observer

In recent months, the popularity of a Vermont carbon pollution tax has been growing rapidly, yet for many Vermonters, the idea still seems illogical and far-fetched. For instance, Black River Produce uses at least 1,200 gallons of diesel every day, yet Black River owner Mark Curran recently stood in front of the Vermont House Natural Resources and Energy Committee to voice his support for the plan that would require his company to pay a new tax on all that fuel. How can that make sense? [Read more…]

Boys square off against So. Burlington

CVU Baseball vs_104 SB 19May16

Observer photos by Al Frey

The boys CVU baseball team cheers on their fellow players during the game against South Burlington on May 19. The final score was CVU 14, South Burlington 6.

CVU Baseball vs_111 SB 19May16 Tanner Smith gets a piece of the ball during his up at bat. [Read more…]

Girls take to the field against Spaulding

Observer photos by Al Frey

The CVU softball team crushed Spaulding High School during the game on May 21. The final score was CVU15, Spaulding 6.

Claire Potter catches

Claire Potter catches

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WCS on the run at track meet

Mid Schl Track @_064 CVU 20May16(2)

Girls run the track at CVU

Ben Herskowitz

Ben Herskowitz

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Joseph wins title

KathyStephanieJosephObserver courtesy photo.

For the third straight year, Kathy Joseph, a senior at Champlain Valley Union High School, won the VT State Individual Tennis Championships. The competition was held this year at Bridges Resort, and she beat Jordan Walsh of Essex 6-1, 6-0 in the finals. She dropped only one game in the tournament.

Her coach, Amy DeGroot, said Joseph played close to 50 games in a row before dropping one game. ‘That requires a tremendous level of attention,’ she said. ‘She still played her aggressive, dominating style but she used more patience to move her opponent off the court before hitting to the open court. Without a doubt Kathy is one of the strongest female tennis players Vermont has ever seen.’  (LEFT) Stephanie Joseph, who placed third) poses with sister Kathy.

Report finds Vermont’s working women are stuck in the 1970s

Receptionists-e1462153773191By Tiffany Danitz Pache

For Vermont Digger

Women in Vermont still tend to choose the same traditionally female professions — such as teaching and nursing — that they did in the 1970s, despite their greatly increased opportunities. And that may cost them and their families, according to a recent report, because female-dominated fields pay less.

“Where Vermont Women Work … and Why It Matters” is the second brief produced by Change The Story, a statewide initiative of the Vermont Commission on Women, the Vermont Women’s Fund and Vermont Works for Women.

The brief is based on a study of occupational segregation and wage disparity between genders in Vermont.

Nationally, women make 79 cents to a man’s dollar in the same occupation, according to the report. Vermont women earn 84 percent of what men do.

But the issue isn’t just about not getting paid the same amount for the same job. Another, more culturally systemic phenomenon exists and that is that women gravitate toward fields that historically pay lower wages.

“Women are clustered in the same occupations today as they were back in 1970,” said Cary Brown, of the Vermont Commission on Women. “We still have cultural ideas about what are appropriate jobs for women and what are appropriate jobs for men.”

Women are still entering what have been considered female professions — including office administration and food service — at a higher rate than men and are continuing to avoid what have been known as traditionally male fields, such as computers and math, construction, engineering and law enforcement, according to the report.

To read the full story, click here.

Hometown Heroes


Jennifer Vaughan and Olive of the Search and Rescue K9 Wilderness Airscent Team. New England K9 Search and Rescue visited Cub Scout Pack 692/Wolf Den as part of the completion of the Hometown Heroes merit badge. In the photo (left to right) Corey Caulfield, Thomas DeSantos, Sean Early.

Vaughan (middle) taught the scouts about safety in the woods, and did a search demonstration with Olive.

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Letters to the Editor

Sirotkin announces reelection bid

I am pleased to announce I will be running for re-election to the Vermont Senate in the upcoming election.

Serving as a Chittenden County Senator continues to be a true honor. After my many years of advocacy for progressive and populist causes, I believe I was able to continue in the footsteps of my late and beloved wife, Senator Sally Fox, both during the remainder of her 2012 term and after being elected in my own right in 2014. [Read more…]