July 18, 2019

Mary Poppins to sweep stage


Observer courtesy photo by Tim Barden
Several Williston residents will take part in the Lyric Theatre Company’s production of ‘Mary Poppins’ that opens at the Flynn on Friday. Locals include (from left, back row) ensemble members Jayden Choquette, Christopher Hart, Kerry Whalen Powell, (from left, front row) Elizabeth Pattison (who plays Mary Poppins), Chloë Fidler (the mean nanny, Miss Andrew), Martin Hain (music director), and Brad Enos (ensemble).

Everyone’s favorite “practically perfect” nanny will come to life in Lyric Theatre Company’s production of “Mary Poppins” in a nine-show run starting Friday.

Based on Disney’s 1964 film and the original book series, the production opens in London in the early 1900s, when the magical nanny Mary Poppins transforms the world of the two young children in her care—in the most peculiar of ways. [Read more…]

Vermont Stage to perform ‘I and You’

Observer courtesy photo Victoria Fearn will play Caroline and Middlebury College theater student Jabari Matthew will play Anthony in Vermont Stage’s production of ‘I And You.’

Observer courtesy photo
Victoria Fearn will play Caroline and Middlebury College theater student Jabari Matthew will play Anthony in Vermont Stage’s production of ‘I And You.’

Observer staff report

Vermont Stage is set to perform “I and You,” written by Lauren Gunderson, at FlynnSpace April 20–May 8.

Winner of the 2014 Harold and Mimi Steinberg/American Theatre Critics Association New Play Award, “I and You” begins when handsome, athletic Anthony arrives unexpectedly at Caroline’s door bearing a beat-up copy of Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” and an urgent assignment from their English teacher due the next day. Anthony convinces Caroline to help him transform his presentation on Whitman into something beautiful, but in the process they uncover the profound mystery that has actually brought them together. [Read more…]

CSWD holds public hearing on disposal law changes

cswdObserver staff report

Chittenden Solid Waste District is set to hold a public hearing in Williston introducing proposed changes to the disposal laws for various materials, especially construction debris.

The hearing is on Wednesday, April 13 at 5 p.m. at the CSWD Administrative Office, located at 1021 Redmond Road in Williston.

“More recycling markets are becoming available for more types of materials—such as non-asbestos asphalt shingles and manufactured wood products—enabling us to keep those valuable resources from going to waste in the landfill,” said Tom Moreau, CSWD’s general manager. “Additionally, by encouraging the reuse of recycled construction and demolition ‘fines’ for landfill site improvements, we have found a use for an otherwise non-usable material.”  [Read more…]

Vermont’s new energy plan

Observer file photo THe state hopes to increase its solar energy net metering program through methods like the above solar panels in Williston.

Observer file photo
THe state hopes to increase its solar energy net metering program through methods like the above solar panels in Williston.

By Brian Forrest

Special to the Observer

Five years ago, the governor and the legislature joined scientists and the rest of the world and decided that global warming is happening and that it is man-made. This fact, and two hurricanes within two years, left them no choice but to tackle this issue head-on: reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and prepare Vermont for the events and opportunities in the new economy generated by climate change. 2050 is the date that COP21, the climate summit last year in Paris, selected as a target to accomplish reversing climate change. [Read more…]

Family fun at the Sheraton

Observer photo by Al Frey

Hundreds of families came out to the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center to enjoy Vermont Kids Day on March 26.

VT Kids Day_098 26Mar16Circus Smirkus jugglers and acrobats entertained the crowd, which was made up of children and adults of all ages.  [Read more…]

Senior selfies

Dale and Alice Critchlow 3.20.16Observer courtesy photos

[Read more…]

Recreation and Parks

Adult Programs

Return to Golf

When you step off the course after your first round of the year, are you sore? This class will prepare you to return to golf and avoid the soreness and potential injury. Instructor: Caitlin Thornton, Rehab Gym. Ages 18-plus. Mondays and Wednesdays, April 4-27, 10:30-11:30 a.m.  $90.

Adult Golf Clinics

[Read more…]

New editor takes the helm

Jess Wisloski

Jess Wisloski

This week the Williston Observer bids a sad farewell to longtime editor Stephanie Choate and welcomes a new member to the staff to fill her role.

Choate, of Fairfax, has helmed the editorial production of the newspaper since 2012. Prior to that, she had worked for Williston Publishing & Promotions as a reporter for the Charlotte Citizen. After two years at the Citizen, she took a leave, during which time she lived in New Zealand and traveled.

It was then that she tasted her first meat pie—and a dream, to start her own savory handheld meat pie bakery in Vermont, took root. She’ll be running the effort, Pie Empire, out of her home bakery after two years of selling the pies at the Richmond Farmer’s Market, and building a base of fans. [Read more…]

Fracking falsehoods

The story we’ve been told in recent years is that fracked gas is a “bridge” fuel, one that’s cheaper and cleaner than its fossil fuel relatives and can help us transition to even cleaner alternatives. This, presumably, is a major reason why Gov. Shumlin thought it would be a good idea to have Vermont Gas (VGS) run a fracked gas line through our town into the Middlebury area—a gas line that’ll keep Vermont using fracked gas for another 50 to 100 years. [Read more…]

Guest Column: Standing by our neighbors

By Rep. Sarah
Copeland Hanzas

The Vermont House has a proven track record of fighting for Vermont’s working and middle class families. These families are the backbone of the state and deserve a fair shot at success. Every March, the House passes a budget for the state that affirms our commitment to the safety, health and success of every Vermonter. During this tough economic time, we stand by this commitment and concentrate on the promises we’ve made and by funding our core priorities, rather than on starting new programs.
Our neighbors know that we stand by our core responsibilities to Vermonters. When your grandmother can no longer live alone safely, we want to know there are supports for her to live with dignity. When your neighbor falls victim to addiction, we want to know that someone will step in to protect the children. And when your water tests positive for a carcinogenic pollutant, we want to know the state will step in to provide clean water and hold someone responsible for cleaning up the mess. [Read more…]