July 23, 2019

Places I’ve Played

Observer courtesy photo The author and his family enjoy their last meal at Bove’s. Bill Skiff is on the far right. His brother Bobby is on the far left of the back row.

Observer courtesy photo
The author and his family enjoy their last meal at Bove’s. Bill Skiff is on the far right. His brother Bobby is on the far left of the back row.

By Bill Skiff

Brother Bobby and Bove’s

It was a regular Vermont December evening—but not for me. I was clinging with desperation to the backseat of my grandfather’s ‘39 Packard as my father and I raced toward Burlington to deliver Mother, so she could deliver.

As we peeled around the corner in Jericho by the Old Mill, a huge deer leapt into the middle of the road. We collided with a BANG. Next thing I knew, I was flat on the floor behind the backseat. A deafening thud fell on the roof as hair flew around the back window. Dad never slowed down. He kept the accelerator to the floor and we roared on toward Winooski. [Read more…]

Library Notes

Youth News

After School Movie

Thursday, Jan. 28, 3 p.m. The story of how the adorable yellow helpers came to their collective purpose of seeking out and serving despicable masters. Rated PG. 91 minutes. Snacks provided.

Preschool Story Time

Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. Includes a simple craft activity. For children ages 3-5. Feb. 2: Jan Brett Stories; Feb. 9: Silly Stories; Feb. 16: Moon and Stars. No story time Feb. 23.

Food For Thought Library Volunteers

Thursday, Feb. 4, 4-5 p.m. Grades 7-12 Teen Advisory Group. Pizza, discussion and library projects for teens. New members welcome.

Pajama Story Time: Valentine’s Day

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Voting for change

Dear friends,

This is the political season. I believe that almost all people who seek political office do it with the best interests of their constituents. Different candidates have different perspectives on what the best interests are.

Some believe that increasing government control is usually in the best interest of the most people. I remember years ago a friend who was upset that a flashlight battery didn’t last as long as he thought it should. His remark: “The government should do something about it.” Others believe that fair competition is a better way than government controls to get longer battery life. [Read more…]

Guest Column: A new prescription for Vermonters’ health

By John Brumsted

Together, we are writing a new prescription for the health of Vermonters: pay health care providers for keeping people healthy instead of just treating them when they are sick.

This is a change the University of Vermont Health Network is committed to making. We recently set a goal of having 80 percent of our revenue tied to the overall health and wellness of our patients by 2018, rather than being paid for every test or procedure we perform or by our hospital admissions. Right now, less than 15 percent of UVM Medical Center’s revenue comes from payment arrangements tied to the quality, not the quantity, of care provided, so this represents a big change. [Read more…]

Free career-planning workshops

Vermont Student Assistance Corp. and Community College of Vermont will hold free career-planning workshops at CCV locations across Vermont beginning next week.

Topics include different strategies and resources to help Vermonters with career planning and the process of finding a job. The first, “It’s Your Move: Choosing a Career that Works for You,” is designed for people who are considering possible careers and are seeking guidance and tools to help navigate the job search. [Read more…]

Town seeks change to pet attack ordinance

By Stephanie Choate

Observer staff

Williston residents can weigh in on proposed changes to Williston’s pet ordinance this spring the old fashioned way—a voice vote on the floor during Town Meeting.

The changes would allow law enforcement or the town’s health officer to submit a written complaint to the Selectboard regarding a pet attack, as well as broaden the definition of an attack. [Read more…]

Academic Honors

The following Williston and St. George students were named to the dean’s or president’s list at their college or university:

Amanda Beatty, Castleton University

Samara G. Bissonette, Saint Michael’s College [Read more…]

House approves Act 46 ‘tweak’

Budget-address-applause-220x140By Tiffany Danitz Pache

For Vermont Digger

After weeks of deliberation, hours of testimony and huddled negotiations, House lawmakers have agreed to soften a school spending cap added to last year’s education law.

The House tacked spending thresholds onto Act 46 at the end of the 2015 legislative session that many school and education officials felt were too onerous. After days of deliberations this month, they agreed to alter the thresholds at which communities pay a penalty for spending on education.

The House rebuffed a Senate bill that would have repealed the spending thresholds. They also blocked a GOP plan to keep untouched the caps passed last year.

The amendment, passed by a 94-to-52 vote, gives schools more room to budget for unanticipated costs.

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Candidates in place for Town Meeting Day

Joy Limoge

Joy Limoge

Ted Kenney

Ted Kenney

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CVU Hockey vs_021 Clchstr18Jan16

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