September 20, 2019

Palmer’s missile brings CVU lax title

Lax champions

Observer courtesy photo by Miguel Murakami The CVU boys lacrosse team celebrates after winning its second straight Division 1 title.

By Mal Boright
Observer correspondent
Feasting in the finals is becoming old hat for Champlain Valley Union High veteran lacrosse attacker Matt Palmer.
A year ago, Palmer, now a junior, exploded for five goals as the Redhawks defeated South Burlington 11-8 for a second straight division 1 state title.
Last Thursday, he scored the game winner with 20.2 seconds remaining in regulation as CVU nipped top-seeded Middlebury Union High 11-10 in a riveting championship contest at Castleton State College’s Spartan Stadium. [Read more…]

Little Details: Gastro-linguistic confusion

By Katherine Bielawa Stamper

This happened in Sister Gervais’ class in second grade. Sister was aware that her charges were entitled to indulge in sweets, even if we gave up treats for Lent. She asked us to share aloud our favorite desserts. I still remember sitting there with Eddie S. and David D., kids like me with Polish last names that were virtually unpronounceable to the general populace.
One classmate loved chocolate cake. Another liked pistachio ice cream. I proudly stated that my favorite dessert was “tah-pyoh-kah” pudding.
Imagine the response. Twenty little parochial students formed a chorus of laughter. Were they laughing at me…or my chosen dessert…my 6-year-old brain wondered. I remember feeling hot. I wanted to crawl under my little second grade desk.
“It’s ta-PEE-O-ka pudding,” Sister said in her authoritative nun voice. The sleeves of her black habit were puffed out by the partially used tissues she stored there. [Read more…]

Recreation & Parks News

Summer Camp Registration
It’s not too late to register for summer camps. Camps begin the week of June 22 and end the week of Aug. 10. There are day camps, sports camps, technology camps and specialty camps to choose from. Registrations for camps are accepted up to a week prior to the start of a camp. Visit for details and to register.
5K Firecracker Fun Run
There will be a 5K Fun Run on Friday, July 3 as part of the town’s July 4 celebration. The run is for all ages and will begin at 6 p.m., with registration opening at 5 p.m. The start of the run will be at the Williston Community Park near the concession stand. You can print off a registration form from the recreation website and bring it with you on July 3. The Ice Cream Social, sponsored by the Williston Historical Society, and the Town Band Concert will be held July 3 at 7 p.m. on the Village Green. [Read more…]

Letters to the Editor

Pedestrian crossing beacons
I would like to add an observation regarding the pedestrian crossing beacons (“Safer Crosswalks,” June 11, Williston Observer). I support having one at the library crossing for sure, the other two I’m not so sure we need, especially the one at the Brick Church being so close to the library one. However, I take major issue with the comment that the current [Read more…]

Lyme: A serious, but preventable, disease in dogs

By M. Kathleen Shaw
Lyme disease is a very serious concern for people and pets. It is carried by deer ticks, which emerge in the spring, remain pretty active during the summer months, and then go through a burst of activity in the fall. While we think of dogs that spend time in the woods or playing in grasslands becoming exposed to deer ticks, they can be present in your backyard lawn, too. (Cats can become infected and form antibodies to Lyme, but clinical signs—if they occur at all—are extremely rare.) [Read more…]

Fire destroys South Road home

Observer staff report

A fire destroyed a South Road home in the early hours of last Friday morning. The home’s owner was able to jump to safety from a second story window, but the home is a total loss.
On June 12, at approximately 3 a.m., the Williston Fire Department responded to a 911 call about a house fire at 2711 South Road. The glow from the fire was visible from the historic village. [Read more…]

CVU’S Supple gets a call from the big leagues

As a Little Leaguer in Shelburne, Rayne Supple was a member of the Cubs.
Thus, some eight or so years later, it seems only natural that when he was selected last week in the 38th round of the annual Major League draft, it would be by the Chicago Cubs.
Supple got the call Wednesday evening after he blanked South Burlington High 3-0 in a Champlain Valley Union High victory at the Redhawks’ ball yard.
He is the first CVU player to be selected in the major league draft. Recent Vermont players to be picked were Lyndon Institute’s Buddy Lamothe in 2011 by the Houston Astros and Mount Abraham Union’s Tyler Pelland in 2002 by the Boston Red Sox. [Read more…]

New trash and recycling laws begin July 1

Observer staff report

July 1 arrives, it brings with it a variety of changes in solid waste disposal rules for Chittenden County and the state. The changes come from Act 148, Vermont’s Universal Recycling and Composting Law. Chittenden South Solid Waste District also recently updated its Solid Waste Management Ordinance.
The legislature unanimously passed Act 148 in 2012 to keep as much as possible out of the landfill. Landfill bans will be phased in through the year 2020.
Beginning July 1, there is a statewide ban on mandatory recyclables. Certain recyclable materials and items have been banned from the landfill in Chittenden County since 1993. Now, Act 148 stretches most of that ban across the entire state of Vermont. Mandatory recyclables include containers like glass or plastic jars or bottles, aluminum cans, mixed paper and more.
Act 148 also requires that all trash containers in publicly owned spaces—such as town and city parks and public schools—be paired with a recycling bin by July 1. [Read more…]

GMP eyes Williston for Vermont’s largest solar facility

By Stephanie Choate
Observer staff

Williston could soon be generating more solar power than any other Vermont town, second only to the City of Rutland.
Green Mountain Power is looking at a parcel of land in Williston to construct an array of solar panels that would be the largest solar facility in the state—one of three solar projects the company is pursuing in order to diversify its power portfolio. The site would be on 60 acres on the north side of Mountain View Road, behind Paya’s Auto and near the Vermont Photovoltaic Regional Test Center. GMP would buy the land from IBM.
The project would include 21,816 fixed solar panels, installed by Vermont company Grow Solar, between 8 and 9 feet high at the tallest point. GMP would plant or leave vegetation to screen them from the road. [Read more…]

Williston Farmers’ Market returns

Farmers Market-USE_THIS!!

A farmers’ market is set to begin at the Catamount Outdoor Family Center on July 1.

By Stephanie Choate
Observer staff
Williston will have a farmers’ market this year after all.
A group is planning to resurrect the Williston Farmers’ Market after it fell through this year.
Catamount Outdoor Family Center owner Jim McCullough said that when he heard that the market would not return this summer after seven years, he and Catamount’s board of directors decided to organize one at the center.
“There’s a strong feeling on our board of directors at Catamount that it’s a community service to the town that the previous management and vendors were providing to our residents and an opportunity for a number of our Williston businesses to showcase themselves and sell their product,” McCullough said. “We need to see if we can fill that void.” [Read more…]