January 19, 2019

LIVING GREEN: A new way to recycle: Voyager Recycle Sale

By Doug Schmidt

Grade 8

Students in Williston are familiar with the importance of recycling paper, glass and plastic bottles and cans, but there is another way to recycle—by finding ways to reuse items that you might ordinarily throw into the garbage.

Every spring, most people do spring cleaning and throw away a lot of things from their homes that fill up our landfills. By trying to find ways to reuse those items, we could have a dramatic impact on reducing what gets dumped into a landfill.

There is one landfill that services the entire state of Vermont. It is located in Coventry. It is permitted to accept up to 600,000 tons of waste per year. That is a lot of waste! A lot of the items you throw out don’t really have to be. If you make an effort to find a “new user” for those items, think of how much less garbage will end up in the landfill!

Some ways to reuse are to donate things to charity, to find online free sites like Feecycle or Craigslist to give things away.

In Williston’s Voyager House, each year we create ways to raise money to help pay for our end-of-year field trip. A couple of years ago we made the connection that it might be fun to hold a giant indoor garage sale to recycle items that families did not need, and sell the items to people who could use them.

There is an old saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This is so true! Last year we were able to sell a lot of treasures and make enough money to pay for our field trip. It is a win-win for treasure-seekers, students and the environment!

This Saturday, March 29 is our Fourth Annual Voyager Recycle Sale! It will be held in the Williston Central School Cafeteria. Come shop 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Enter through the West Cafeteria Entrance. Donated treasures including antiques, housewares, books, CDs, records, decorative items, fashion accessories,

electronics, toys and sporting equipment. All proceeds will support the Voyager Field Trip Fund. Come shop, discover a treasure and help recycle some fantastic items!!!!


If I had a superpower, it would be…

If I had a superpower it would be…

Sshannon Kennelly, grade 3

Sshannon Kennelly, grade 3


To breathe in space. Derek Allen, Grade 2

To be better at math. DJ Steinman, Grade 2

To be invisible. Skyler Cousino, Grade 1

To fly so I could get there faster. Asher Simcoe, Grade 2

X-ray vision. Noah Cohen, Grade 1

A mix of invisibility and flight. Storey Merrill, Grade 2

The power to make friendships. Mackenzie Rivard, Grade 1

Shape shifter. Jeremiah Batres, Grade  2

To be really kind to friends. Madeleine Robinson, Kindergarten

Lightning fingers. Francis Dasilva, Kindergarten

It would be flying and I would fly around the world just to see what it looks like. Jake Barrett, Kindergarten

Super speed because when I play tag and I wouldn’t get tagged. Ella Rashford, Grade 2

Flying because I wouldn’t have to ride the bus. Brooklyn Stephenson, Grade 2

To run as fast as light speed. Mitchell Niarchos, Grade 2

Lightning power. David Merchant, Grade 1

To be really fast and really strong. (I already am fast.) Jacob Armstrong, Grade 1

Flying so I could have fun and get places faster. Elias LaClair, Kindergarten

To fly so if someone got hurt, I could fly them to the hospital. Kylee Sevene, Kindergarten

To help people who are poor. Miranda Stewart, Kindergarten

Super strength. Calvin Steele, Grade 2

Invisibility. Alex Clough, Grade 2

Giving wishes. Mycala Edson, Grade 1

To run really fast so I could run all over the world. Noah Musgrave, Grade 1

To walk on walls. Marissa

Camouflage! Mia Merola, Grade 1

Making ice when it snows. Brendan Ricca, Grade 1

Animal Power so I could talk to animals. Maggie Connors, Grade 1

Going super fast so I can do things I don’t want to do! Cecilia Didyoung, Grade 1


If I had a superpower it would be to have a really really super brain and any problem that included friends, family and other people would be solved If I had this superpower I would help people with fights that they had with their friends and If a family disagreed with each other. I would also help with other problems that that people have with other countries. I would do this because my goal is to make world peace. Friends need to be close and care about each other more and wars need to end forever. —Luna Wood, Grade 4


If I had a superpower it would be the ability to shapeshift. If I had this superpower I would turn into a dragon that can breathe fire. I would do this because I could go around warming people up when they are cold. —Jackson Ruwet, Grade 4

If I had a superpower, it would be to make people feel like they matter. If I had this superpower I would make people happier (and like they matter to someone) by trying to inflate them with compliments, and saying stuff like “good luck!” and “you did great!” I would do this because lots of people who have disabilities (and people who don’t) don’t feel like they’re thoughts & feelings (even they think them themselves don’t  matter.) that can make people feel deflated; and can lead to hurt feelings. I think if I had this superpower, it would make the world a better place; for everyone. Including people who feel like this everyday. If someone doesn’t feel like they matter, I would like to help them. —Kayla Cousino, Grade 4


If I had a superpower, it would be to shape shift. If a bad guy robbed a bank I would shape shift and fly and then turn into a cage then capture him. I would do this to keep people safe so they would not get hurt. —Eric Guczek-Nasab, Grade 4
If I had a superpower, it would be to be super strong. If I had this superpower I would take out criminals that are in the city with my superpower. I would do this because I can protect the city to keep it safe. —Will Allen, Grade 3


If I had a superpower, it would be healing. If I had this superpower I would heal elder, young and babies. I’d heal pain, sickness, disease and cancer.I would do this because it would be better for the town it would be better for the family  and it would be  really, really, really, really, really nice! That is why I chose healing!!!!! —Madeline Bunting, Grade 3


If I had a superpower it would be to invent anything in one second. If I had this superpower I would use it to help people make something that they need and use it to make stuff that would protect animals from harm. I would do this because I like helping people and animals because it feels good when you do something nice. —Nate Frazee, Grade 3


If I had a superpower, it would be to talk to animals. If I had a superpower, I would teach animals to plant plants and take care of the land. I would do this because it keeps our environment safe and saves more land for the animals. —Danielle Gamelin, Grade 3


If I had a superpower, it would be to run on the water without sinking.  If I had this superpower I would be able to run on the water to rescue people without a boat. I would do this because I could help people stay alive and maybe I could be their friend. —Dylan LeBlanc, Grade 3


If I had a superpower, it would be to be able to be invisible. If I had this superpower I would stop robbers and crooks from stealing anything or setting my house on fire. I would do this because I want to protect my family from being robbed and to protect our things. —Tom Peach, Grade 4


If I had a superpower it would be to make it rain. If I had this superpower I would make it rain in countries in Africa and western America. I would do this because it only rains twice a year there and they need water for food to grow and to drink. —Evan Mead, Grade 4


If I had a superpower it would be happiness. If I had this superpower I would go around the world and if some people are fighting I would touch them and they would apologize and become happy again. I chose this superpower because I really don’t like when people fight. Also it would bring joy to the world. And I could be proud of my self. That’s why I chose to have happiness as my superpower. —Jocelyn Kaplan, Grade 3

If I had a superpower, it would be to heal. If I had this superpower I would make the forests prettier, the ocean’s cleaner, the world greener and to be able to protect animals. I would do this because I could heal the animal’s that hurt, heal the forests that are dying because people are littering and the ocean’s that are getting polluted. —Norah Munn, Grade 3


If I had a superpower, it would be flying balloons coming out of my hands. My superpower would allow me to catch people falling from the sky, and when I am done I have balloons coming out of my hands to celebrate. I would pick this superpower because I have always wanted to fly and when it is someone’s birthday you just say “No I did not forget your birthday” and then you go into another room and make balloons and give them. —Chloe Boliba


If I had a superpower, it would be SuperCycle. My superpower would allow me to be able to turn everything into recyclables. I would pick this superpower because there would be no more waste. — Myleigh Kilbon


If I had a superpower, it would be building things fast. My superpower would allow me to build 5 mansions a day. I would pick this superpower because so there would be no more homeless people because they will get a free house. —Diego Ortiz


If I had a superpower, it would be to have my own underground magnetic train. My superpower would allow me to have super secrecy (especially in war) in getting where I need to go in seconds up to a couple of minutes, depending on where you are going. It would be so magnetic that it would stop you if you are going to get in a accident. It is gas free. I would pick this superpower because it will save the earth. It will save people’s lives. You will be safe if our country is under attack. —Adelaide Durant


If I had a superpower, it would be the power to fly and be super strong. My superpower would allow me to save a plane if it was falling so I could fly to it in the air and catch it while eating a burger, with a huge fire breathing worm attacking. I would pick this superpower because it would help people and give me a chance to eat. —Ethan Murphy


If I had a superpower, it would be flexibility. My superpower would allow me to not get mad or annoyed at little problems. And if it’s a big problem then I will tell an adult what is happening to the child. I would pick this superpower because the truth is that in 2nd grade I got mad at little problems and I want to help people the way I wanted to be helped. The name of my super hero would be “Super Jazzy.” —Jasmine Cousino


If I had a superpower, it would be super speed on the ground and in the air. My superpower would allow me to stop the plane from crashing into the twin towers. I would pick this superpower because I could go back in time by running the opposite way the earth is rotating and stop events from happening. —Sean Trufaro


If I had a superpower, it would be telekinesis. My superpower would allow me to move everything with my mind. I could also use it to take part of the ground and turn it into a wall. I would pick this superpower because I can use it to throw missiles at meteors and stop world destruction. —Ben Leonard


If I had a superpower, it would be flying. I would fly to school and when the school day is over I would fly home instead of taking the bus.  Also if my family and I went on vacation and we had to take a plane I would fly instead. I would also fly for fun! And around the world. —Allison Bates, Grade 4


To spawn food because I am always hungry. – Mason Desautels, Grade 4


I want my superpower to allow me to swim like a dolphin. —Cutter Francis


If I had a superpower my superpower would be to type fast. —Brianna Cushion


My superpower would be to make it rain candy. —Kaydance Melendez


If I had a superpower I would be able to create money so I could give it to people who can’t afford food.  I would also give out houses. —Emma Anderson


If I had a superpower it would be that I could get other peoples superpowers so I could have whatever superpower as long as someone else had the superpower. —Amelia Worth, Grade 4


If I had to chose one superpower, it would be that I could go back in time. —Leigh Kerbaugh, Grade 4


If I had a superpower it would be that I would be super flexible. For example I could reach something that I could not get. Another example is if a cat was stuck in a tree I could get it. Last reason is that I could do gymnastics better. —Shane Geraldez, Grade 4


If I had a superpower it would be to fly because I could fly to the top of a mountain and ski down without using the ski lift. —Ben Ladue, Grade 4


If I had a superpower I would have the ability to fly because I could go wherever I wanted without paying for a plane ticket. Secondly, I would be able to save people from burning buildings and then the mayor would give me a medal and a lot of money. Lastly, I could be the best basketball player because I could fly to the basketball hoop and just drop the basketball in the hoop. I hope you like my reasons for the power to fly! —Jonas Hemmett, Grade 4


Fly. —Grady Falkenbush, Kindergarten


Superspeed. —Jayden


Super speed —Caleb Izor, Grade 1


If I had a superpower it would be to heal. If I had this superpower I would heal the hurt and the sick, especially my family and friends. I would do this because then we could live in peace. Without injuries. —Amelia Kenney, Grade 4
If I had a superpower I would be invisible whenever I wanted to be. —Mithun Karthikeyan, Grade 4

If I had a superpower it would be that I could turn invisible because you can sneak around. —Tristin Pillsbury, Grade 4


If I had a superpower, it would be super speed.  If I had a superpower I would help to stop crime.  I would do this for peace. —James St. Cyr, Grade 3


If I had a superpower it would be to make people feel like they matter and that people care about them. If I had this superpower I would go around the world and tell people they matter people care about them. I would do this because it would make Vermont a better place to be in and more people will have more smiles on there faces!!! —Katie Giroux, Grade 4


If I had a superpower it would be to be invisible when I wanted just in case I got in trouble so that person couldn’t get mad at me if I wasn’t there. —Mary McNamara

My super power would be to turn invisible to sneak up on people and get stuff back. —Kyle Marvin

My super power would be to heal so I could heal animals. —Asa Roberts

My super power would be super strong so I could break anything. —Noah LeCours

My super power would be fast so I could outrun an animal. —Hayden Durgin

I  would be a Chameleon and A Cheetah and an Elephant and a Fish I would be a Chamelchefish. —Alexa Butler

My super power would be that I could snap my fingers and everything would be healed. —Mira Rieley

Teleportation so it is easier to get around. —Chase Lehman, Grade 4

To fly to get home fast. —Matteo Meyer, Grade 4

To levitate things it would make life a lot easier and heavy things a lot lighter. —Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

To be telepathic/be able read peoples minds and can make other people think something. —Chase Lehman, Grade 4

Reading someone’s mind because you can know if someone is being mean or saying something mean. —Kerrigan Westbay, Grade 4

To be able to fly because you could see the whole world and what needs help and what doesn’t. —Kerrigan Westbay, Grade 4


Kids share their ideas for a new holiday

What is your idea for a new holiday? Describe the traditions, food, etc.


National Hibernation Week

Bethany Merchant

Grade 8

I think that there should be a new holiday called National Hibernation Week. It would begin around the first week of December every year. The week would start off with two days of just purely eating as much as you can to prepare for the next five days of sleeping.


Teenage Dystopian Novel Day

Celia Cote

Grade 5

This day would celebrate TDNs (teenage dystopian novels). You would eat food from your favorite TDN, such as Dauntless cake from Divergent, or lamb stew, from the Hunger Games. It would be an official bank holiday, so there would be no school or work. That’s Teenage Dystopian Novel Day.


Kids Day

Aria-Lynn Hilliker

Grade 4

Kids day. No school for a week. Do whatever the kids want. Food is ice cream most of the time.


You Day        

Jessica Klein

Grade 5

If I got the chance to make a new holiday, I would name it “You Day.” “You Day” would be all about you. It would make you appreciate all the things that you do. You would wear what you like to wear and eat what you love to eat.


After the Super Bowl

Eric Lackey

Grade 6

The new holiday I would want is the day after the Super Bowl. This is because people are tired because they stayed up late to watch the Super Bowl. I think this would be a good holiday because you need to sleep in and get rest because you are tired from staying up late to watch the game.


Half year birthday

Reagan Dufresne

Grade 6

I would create a holiday that is for half year birthdays. It would be just like a birthday but instead of turning a whole number you would turn a number and a half. For example, on my half year birthday, I would be 11½ instead of 11. The food served would be everything in halves like half sandwiches and half cookies. Drinks would be half drinks, so instead of having a full cup of water it would be a half cup of water. If I could create a holiday it would be for half birthdays.



Cassidy Frost

Grade 6

My made-up holiday is Singalong. Singalong is a holiday that is on January 13 & 14. On Singalong you would have to sing everything you would like to say. People would dress up and have parties. They would feast on yummy foods. At night there would be ceremonies with concerts.


Rhyme Day

Colin Kendrick

Grade 6

If I made a holiday, it would be rhyme day. It is on August, the 16th. Everyone plays a game called rhyme game. They say a sentence with a rhyme or they lose. Parents buy one toy and hide it. At night, the parents write on a piece of paper a riddle with a rhyme. For an example,  If you eat a burger. And you are in a camp. You need this to cook to be a good champ. (mini grill). The answer of the riddle must be where the parents hide the gift. Here are the symbols. The sun is running and the moon has a spoon.


Animal Day

CJ McDevitt

Grade 6

If I could make a holiday it would be called animal day. Everyone would dress up as their favorite animal and eat what their favorite animal eats. So I would dress up as a panda and eat bamboo. The holiday would help you recognize what your favorite animals life is like. Also you would do what your animal does all day. So I would sleep and eat all day because that’s what pandas do. And that is what you would do on animal day!


Silent day

Tony Nguyen

Grade 6

If there was a new holiday I would want it to be something quiet. A silent day; A day where people can relax. Where everything is quiet. People who live in forests or in towns would celebrate it. It can’t be celebrated in the city because there are too many cars. It would be celebrated on the summer solstice of every year. It would be a hot day where birds chirp and wind blows through the leaves of trees.


Hallowmasgiving (hallow-mis-giving)

By Riley Clos
My idea for a Holiday is called: Hallowmasgiving! It is where you go trick-or-treating and then you get home and there are presents all over. Then you have a feast and the main meal is steak! But for vegetarians, the main meal is lasagna (meat free).


Dog Day

by Julia Kenney

Grade 3

I think it would be cool if there was a holiday called Dog Day. Just dogs outside having fun. No school. Dogs with their owners with maybe other dogs. People don’t need to do this but maybe it would be fun. People who don’t have dog can do anything.


Food holiday

Chase Lehman

Grade 4

The food holiday where your parents can’t tell you what to eat or what to do.

Ode to someone you admire

Write an ode to a person you admire or respect


George Russell      

Grade 3

Ode to Mom

Oh Mom,

You are beautiful

You are nice

You let me watch TV in the living room

You drop me off to my Grandma’s

Without you, I would be sad

Without you, I wouldn’t have a family

Mom, you are like a star.

Kayleigh Bushweller

Grade 6


You are there every day

For me

For my sister

My mother

My father

You love us to the moon and back

and more.

How can we ever repay you?

You make life worth living for

You give us life

You give us joy

and happiness.

You are the heart of love

The soul of life.

Cale Layman

Grade 6


Sam is a goalie that I know

He’s helpful and funny and he is not slow

In the net he is aggressive and quick

He does not let the puck past his stick


I’ve come to know him over the years

He helps eliminate my goalie fears

I watch and emulate what he does

And tweak the move, just because


He’s cool and calm no matter what

Even if his team is in a rut

When I hit a rough spot; thinking of Sam helps a lot

I try to be like him but with a Cale-spin; turning things around into a win

Brianna  Armstrong

Ode to my beloved Max. You cuddle , you snuggle, your a big hunk of love. What would I do without. You are like the beautiful silky clouds in the sky. Oh , What would I do without. Ode to max, my beloved max. You are


Emma Anderson

Ode to my animals

Oh animals I will always care for you and love you .no matter what happens. Without you I would be heartless and have nothing to come home and be amazed by.
Alexa Butler

Ode to my family, my family is nice,my family cares for me, they always are ready to give a helping hand, Ode To Jowy family.


Who is your hero?

Kermit the frog
By Elliot Clow
Grade 4
My hero is Kermit the frog because his songs inspire me. His songs encourage me to try again and again. His songs also give me ideas for something to build with my Legos.

My Mom
By Skyler Gade
Grade 3
My mom
She inspires me from wrong and right,
mean and nice,
rich and poor,
funny and smart
and that is why my mom is
my hero.

My Dad
Will Bialowoz
Grade 6
My hero is my Dad.
He does so many cool things
Here is a list of a few awesome things he does;
Dirt biking
Go Karting
Scuba Diving
I always think of him as awesome no matter what.
He is kind, Thankful, funny, and awesome.
My hero.
-Thanks Dad.

Missy Franklin
By Lauren Parent
Grade 4
She is an Olympic swimmer.She won some medals in London. I am inspired by her to do what I love. She inspires me to work as hard as I can and never give up. That is why Missy Franklin is my hero.

My Meme
Trenton Poitras
Grade 7
My hero is my Meme. She is deaf, when I think things are too hard I remember her. She had learned sign language and lived a happy life. When my sister and I fight, she signs “Stop” for me. That is how she inspires me.

Kermit the frog
Emma Anderson
Grade 4
My hero is Kermit the frog because he is funny and he is always caring to whoever is in need he is always sophisticated when its needed. That’s why I love Kermit the frog.

My brother
Noah LeCours
Grade 4
My hero is my brother.

Sabina Brochu
Grade 4
Obama because he is the best president I can think of.

My Dad
Elijah Holmberg
Grade 7
My person that inspires me is my dad. He is an awesome dad to me and my siblings. He cooks, he does laundry and he goes to all my after school events. He is always there for me when I need it and is willing to do what he doesn’t want to so someone else can do what he wants. He is the best dad in the world!

Alexa Butler
Mary McNamara
Grade 4
My hero is my friend Alexa Butler because if someone makes me mad she makes me feel better, and because she is so nice and makes me laugh a lot.

Kevin Durant
Noah Martin
Grade 7
My hero is Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is my hero because he is always second in everything. For example he came in second in the NBA’s MVP award. He came in second to Lebron James. He is inspirational because he never gives up. He is going to keep trying to be the best until he is the best and when he is the best he will work on his game like he still is the second best.

Kayla Jerome
Grade 7
My hero is Talia. She died of cancer but I am inspired by her because after she was diagnosed with cancer she went to her mom’s friend’s house who was a cancer survivor also and she took out her make-up kit and showed Talia everything. Then Talia got interested in make-up and made a YouTube channel to give people tips on make-up and she was sad that she got diagnosed with cancer but was one of happiest cancer patients that I have ever seen or heard of. She proved that even if you are diagnosed with cancer that you can still be a normal human like the rest of the people on this world!

Kieran Tharpe
Grade 6
My hero is Pele. He is my hero because he started as a poor kid living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was a boy who loved soccer and who became the greatest soccer player of all time. His story is very inspiring, His life message says that if you work hard enough you can do anything you want to do.

Dr. Ben Carson
Maddy Serafini
Grade 7
My hero is Dr. Ben Carson. He is a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon. He inspires me because he helps children when they have spinal cord tumors, epilepsy, and many other medical problems. He inspires me because he shows you that it is possible to succeed and to fulfill your dreams.

Rosa Parks
Makayla Driscoll
Grade 7
My hero is Rosa Parks because she stood up to someone much more powerful than she and I think I’m like her because I don’t let people push me around because they might be bigger than me. I think having respect for others is important, but so is others showing you the same amount.

Taylor Swift
Angela Tarracciano
Grade 7
My hero and inspiration is Taylor Swift, because she goes through so much and gets judged more than any other celebrity. I don’t get why people hate on her so much! Try being her for a day. See what she goes through. She’s so strong emotionally, and a great singer.

Lionel Messi
Caleb Martin
Grade 7
My hero is Lionel Messi because his dream as a little kid was to be the starting striker for FC Barcelona. He followed his dreams and worked very hard and completed his goal. The odds were against him, but he didn’t listen to the people who doubted him, he tried any. He put in the work and beat the odds and completed his goal.

Michael Jordan
Nicole Eaton
Grade 7
Michael Jordan is my hero because he taught people to never give up and always make mistakes into miracles. His quote “you only succeed if you fail” makes me want to push myself to try harder and learn from my mistakes. He has changed my perspective on how to make myself into a better basketball player and person.

Advantages of a teen center

Eli Rodd

Grade 8

The advantages of having a Teen Center are that teens could go there and have a good time and hang out with their friends. It would offer computers for gaming, televisions for watching movies and video-game systems. It would also have board games, card games and books that teens can use with their friends. Food would also be available for a small price. It would also have sports for people to do.


Francis Vigoreaux

Grade 8

My Williston Teen Center would have to be in an available place that students and teens can walk or bike to. I think that the teen center should be a place where teens can relax and have fun, without worrying about parents and adults watching their every move. This teen center would have to have an age limit so that only teenagers could enter.

But this teen center would have a boys’ side and a girls’ side with a place for both groups in the middle of the building. This would allow for the boys to be rowdy and (slightly) destructive, without disrupting the girls in whatever activities they may be doing. Also, the middle room for both groups allows for boys with friends that are girls or vice versa to hangout in a cool, relaxed environment.


Julia Bryant

Grade 8

The advantages of having a teen community center are: we could make new friends, we could have conversations there, it could be a place for kids to go after school, and it could just a place for people to hang out. I think it should be a malt shop in the summer and a warm drink/bakery shop in the winter. I think the teens of Williston would use it, and someone who liked to be with kids and wants to make money would run it. The schools in Williston could raise money and get help from the town board.



Kid Center in Williston

Abby Lord

If I could, I would build a kid center in Williston. I would welcome kids ages 3-18 years old. The center would be divided into sections by age and by gender. I would supply clean clothes, food, clean water, warm shelter and a comfy place to sleep. We would welcome in kids and teens that are in situations of poverty, their parents can’t pay for their house and nowhere close by to live, or don’t have a good home. We also would have section for the parents to stay, too.


What is the biggest issues in Williston?

What is the biggest issue in our town?


Michael Russo

Grade 8

What I think the biggest issue in Williston is the roads. The roads here are terrible. The roads are really bumpy and sometimes it can be slippery, but that just could be the ice. When I look at the roads there are a lot of holes and cracks. It bugs me. Please fix that.


Ali Bisaccia

Grade 8

I think the biggest issue in our town is having unfilled potholes in our roads. We have some roads that have been chipped away and are in rough condition. This helps break down cars and car tires. Also it makes a bumpy ride. I think the town leaders should take the tax we pay and put some of it towards getting people to fill in the potholes or paving the roads in general. This would make the roads safer and keep the cars in better shape.


Stephanie Joseph

Grade 8

I think that the biggest issue in our town is that we don’t have enough stores. One reason why we don’t have any big stores is because the people who live in Williston think it will cause too much traffic. We have a Walmart in Williston and there isn’t a lot of traffic there. Walmart is away from most of the other big stores in Williston, it has a huge parking lot and there are multiple entrances. If we did these same things with the Target then we wouldn’t have to worry as much about the traffic.



Erica Bliss

Grade 8

I think that one of the biggest issues in Williston is the intersection of North Williston Road and Mountain View. I think that this is a problem, because some people think that it’s a four-way-stop. Sometimes this ends in a collision, and car crashes can be very serious. There are many solutions to this problem. You could put in a traffic light or a roundabout, but I think a good solution is adding two more stop signs, because it’s a) cheaper and b) lots of people already think that there are four stop signs at the intersection.


Logan Cody

Grade 7

To whom it may concern,

I think the biggest issue in our town is the lack of winter maintenance on many neighborhood sidewalks. Often, I step off the bus to icy sidewalks and must walk in the middle of the road, which is very dangerous. Williston’s sidewalk snow blower seems to only clear commercial sidewalks and busy road areas. South Burlington and Essex have similar equipment and do a better job clearing neighborhood sidewalks. If Williston plows and salts their neighborhoods, our community would be safer.

Thank you, Logan Cody


CVU graduates plan ‘New Moran’

By Eliza Giles
Champlain Valley Union High School

Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, countless parts of Los Angeles and Seattle. All around us, a force seems to be reviving old buildings, giving life to dwindling structures and embracing the dilapidated. The old is the interesting.
This force is created by those who value character in architecture and understand how it directly correlates with atmosphere and ultimately entrepreneurial success in today’s market.
Burlington is a living, breathing example of this kind of rehabilitation.At this very moment, tourists and locals are swarming the Church Street Marketplace, wandering through buildings dating as far back as 1822. Church Street attracts so many people because it has character, and old architecture is its trademark. It’s more than department store boxes and each street corner tells a story of a former time.
Two Champlain Valley Union High School graduates and current University of Vermont seniors, Tad Cooke and Erick Crockenberg, want to continue this tradition that gives Burlington its signature ambience, as well as celebrate the history of the waterfront. They believe the Moran Municipal Generation Station will be the next structure to transform life in the city.
In 1948, Burlington was troubled by a series of citywide power shortages. The Moran Municipal Generation Station was its salvation. In 50 years, the city nearly doubled in population. This new plant promised innovation and new beginnings. The architecture and contemporary methods kept the city illuminated throughout the Northeast Blackout of 1965.Moran kept the city going until the Burlington Electric Department deemed its methods inefficient and had the building decommissioned in 1986.
Today, the building is rundown and broken. Its location on prime waterfront expanse creates a beautiful contradiction, painting a metaphor for Burlington’s dying history. Although placed on the National Register of Historic Places, in the past 30 years, the Moran building has escaped numerous proposals to demolish the structure.
“The Moran building has a history of projects that haven’t worked,” said Nathan Wildfire, Burlington’s assistant director of economic development. “When people get really excited about something and then it doesn’t happen, they get tired of hearing about that project. So you end up having a lot of folks who are very negative. This is a significant reason for why something hasn’t happened.”
Cooke and Crockenberg believe the failing structure has promise. They’ve spent the past few years creating Room 9 Redevelopment, LLC, a firm dedicated to urban redevelopment in Burlington.
Their primary project: redeveloping the Moran building. Their plan involves a new vision and a new name—New Moran, dedicated to sustainability and community life. New Moran would have a community space reserved for events like conferences, conventions, and Ted Talks (18 minute speeches about “ideas worth spreading” through Technology, Entertainment and Design). It would house a restaurant and brewery, a rooftop garden and much more. They envision a community hub dedicated to honoring the structure’s history, supporting local business and promoting environmental safety.
When asked how their proposal differs from the failures of the past, Crockenberg said, “The biggest difference is that a lot of the previous proposals have been behind closed doors. They haven’t been open, transparent, processes. Ours is a project that the community has been engaged in from the start.”
Since their proposal, dozens of prominent Burlington associations have vocalized their support for the plan. These include the Regional Educational Television Network, Vermont Community Access Media, the Flynn Center for Performing Arts, the Preservation Trust of Vermont and many others.
Cooke and Crockenberg need the backing and attention of the public to prove the historical significance of the Moran building and the value of allowing it to remain.
Vermont local Catherine Siller plans to draw this kind of attention to the plant. The Burlingtonian appreciates the historical value of the Moran plant and supports the promise of environmental sustainability in New Moran. On the night of May 31, during the first weekend of the Vermont Jazz Festival, Siller plans to bring the Moran building to life.
She’ll work with students from CVU and other Vermont high schools to present an art show that will celebrate the plant’s history. The show will feature as many types of performance as possible.
“I had approached Burlington art with this idea of exploring pathways and incorporating different technological pathways into the visual and performing arts,” Siller said.
Siller plans to celebrate the fleeting nature of modern technology and how this ties in to the building’s history. She said, “The plant was incredibly technologically advanced when it was built. We thought that this was the future of electricity in Burlington and then 30 years later it’s totally obsolete.”
Her goal, she said, is to provide “an opportunity for people to really consider how much potential it has. It’s an opportunity for the students whose voices can’t be heard on this issue to make a stance for the Moran plant.”
When asked about project alternatives, Wildfire said, “The project will either work, or it won’t work. It will either be demolished completely, the project will go through, or nothing will happen at all.”
“Anything new that’s built won’t be as tall, it won’t be allowed to be as close to the water, and it’s going to interact very differently with the buildings already there. Cooke said. “This is all zoning and regulations.”
In January, Mayor Miro Weinberger, who recently spoke at an ArtsRiot event for New Moran, announced that Burlington would either fund the newest redevelopment plan or use those same funds to demolish the building entirely. Burlington residents voted on March 4 for a resolution with the Public Investment Action Plan. They voted 5,366 to 2,317 for approved Tax Increment Financing to do something with the land. This money will either go to demolishing the structure or to building it.
Burlington has the opportunity to embrace and recover a unique part of its history.
“You save what you love,” said Crockenberg.


Complete the Saying

Students in pre-kindergarten through grade 4 provide their own endings to well-known sayings.



People who live in glass houses…

Are rich. Greta Lamorey, Kindergarten

Should be careful when they go down the stairs. Nate DeLuca, Kindergarten

Shouldn’t live in there because their house might break. Mason Barron, Kindergarten

Shouldn’t bang into the wall. Maddie Morris, Kindergarten

Can see through everywhere. Allison Biunno, Grade 1

Don’t have a very good house for protecting themselves from bears. Michael Denis, Grade 1

Are in danger! Kevin Lahiri, Grade 2

Play outside. Lucia Martone, Grade 2

Are weird, very, very, weird! Maggie Lawrence, Grade 1

Are awkward. Ayden Pillsbury, Grade1

Should be careful. Karina Bushweller, Grade 3

Better have tight security. Alex Gaudette, Grade 4

In summer get sunburnt. Alexa Gillis, Grade 3

Never got an A+ on architecture. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

Have no privacy. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

Will have a lot of shards on the floor. Alexa Butler, Grade 4

Have a great look at the stars. Brendan Chalmers, Grade 4

People can see you in the bathroom. Grace Ferguson, Grade 3

Are AWESOME. Isabelle Varricchione, Grade 3

Don’t need to. Gabbi Clark, Grade 2

Should play. Henry Eaton, Grade 3

Shouldn’t live there. Gannon Mitton, Grade 4

Are rich. Nicolas Krieger, Grade 4

Should move. Collin O’Neil, Grade 4

Are delicate. Alejandra Pino, Grade 4

Get too much sunlight. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

Always have tans. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

Are very very warm. Matteo Meyer, Grade 4

Live in nature. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

Are not very bright. Kerrigan Westbay, Grade 4

Eat chicken pie. Emma Anderson, Grade 4

Are cool. Mira Rieley, Grade 3

Eat hot dogs. Hayden Durgin, Grade 4

Play video games. Noah LeCours, Grade 4

Can see outside. Amelia Worth, Grade 4

Are rich. Griffin Cote, Grade 4

Are cold. Kahlyn Wilson, Grade 4

Are stupid. Tristan Pillsbury, Grade 4

Are weird. Will Bartley, Grade 4

Are rich. Shane Geraldez, Grade 4



A fool and his money…

Might spend on a elephant. Phinn Johnson, Grade 1

Buy lots of honey. Megan Rivard, Grade 1

Is just funny. Olyvia Paquette, Grade 2

Are going to go to jail! Zina Seferagic, Grade 1

Are so not partners in crime!  Patrick Ricca, Grade 1

Is a waste. Chloe Snipes, Grade 4

Is Justin Bieber. Alejandra Pino, Grade 4

Are not a good match. Amelia Worth, Grade 4

Can’t buy fun but friends can. Noah LeCours, Grade 4

Will go to M&M world. Alexa Butler, Grade 4

Will buy something. Elizabeth Ponce, Kindergarten

Will go to jail. Cordelia Thomas, Kindergarten

Has dollars. Henry Eaton, Grade 3

Are soon connected. Gannon Mitton, Grade 4

Only has a penny. Karina Bushweller, Grade 3

Gets his money stolen. Alexa Gillis, Grade 3

Is money wasted. Quinn Connolly, Grade 4

Soon lose each other. Aria-Lynn Hilliker, Grade 4

Will never get anywhere. Tristan Pillsbury, Grade 4

Will never get anywhere in life. Mithun Karthikeyan, Grade 4

Is more foolish than his money. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

Are worthless. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

A fool and his money can’t buy more happiness but the person themselves CAN! Emma Anderson, Grade 4

Can’t buy more time in life. Kyle Marvin, Grade 3

Means less for others. Asa Roberts, Grade 3

Someone has nothing. Mira Rieley, Grade 3

Can buy more candy. Kaydance Melendez, Grade 3

Can become dangerous. Ari Diamond, Grade 3

Will do something smart. Mary McNamara, Grade 4

Can buy a hot dog. Hayden Durgin, Grade 4

Spent it all on gold. Grace Ferguson, Grade 3

Spends it all and now is poor. Isabelle Varricchione, Grade 3

Is not a good couple. Caydance Newton, Grade 4









Good things come to:

People who do good things. Vanessa Worth, Grade 1

Me and my family. Logan Lambrecht, Grade 2

People that do great, spectacular things. Jake Curtis, Grade 2

Healthy people. Ava Richling, Grade 2

People who need it. Jaden Ballard, Grade 2

The Earth. Jacob Underhill, Grade 2

A good person. Emmett Saylor, Grade 2

To your head. Corey Caulfield, Kindergarten

A dog. Max Ludwar, Pre-Kindergarten

Me. Olivia Alvanos, Pre-Kindergarten

People who are nice to others. Nicolas Krieger, Grade 4

People who believe. Quin Connolly, Grade 4

You if you do good things to others. Leigh Kerbaugh, Grade 4

Good people. Matteo Meyer, Grade 4

Everyone but my brother. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

People on the nice list, not to people on the naughty list. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

Those who smell as if they took a bath with strawberry shampoo. Brianna Armstrong, Grade 3

People who eat watermelon. Mira Rieley, Grade 3

People that are kind. Kyle Marvin, Grade 3

Those who play video games all day. Noah LeCours, Grade 4

Those who have the best time they can while they can. Emma Anderson, Grade 4

People who work hard. Ari Diamond, Grade 3

People who don’t complain. Kaydance Melendez, Grade 3

The poor that the rich can’t have. Adelaide Durant, Grade 4

A dog that can talk. Grace Ferguson, Grade 3

To you when you eat a genie pizza. Keane Webre-Hayes, Grade 3

People who are kind and will work hard. Kahlyn Wilson, Grade 4

People who believe. Makenna Patrick, Grade 3

MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mason Desautels, Grade 4

The mayor. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

Straight A students. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

People who are nice and fun. Amy Garrison, Grade 4

You if you are good to people, aka the golden rule. Bridget Merchant, Grade 4

You. Heidi Rich, Kindergarten

Me! Richard Peters, Grade 2

Smiles. Rory Anderson, Grade 4

Visit. Henry Eaton, Grade 3
To people with a penny. Gannan Mitton, Grade 4

Cute people. Alex Gaudette, Grade 4

My family. Alexa Gillis, Grade 3

To an end. Chloe Snipes, Grade 4

If you do good thing, good thing will come to you. Shane Geraldez, Grade 4

People who work hard. Amelia Worth, Grade 4




Don’t bite the hand…

It will taste bad. Kate Wyman, Grade 1

It tastes gross! Natashka Pankey-Siebert, Grade 1

Bite the ice cream! Grace Hall, Grade 1

Of your teacher Vincent Meyer, Grade 1

Of a friend. Wyatt Wolpert, Grade 2

Eat a sandwich instead, Zymir Branicki, Kindergarten

Walk away and bite your own food. Mitchell Gendron, Kindergarten

Off. “OW!” Jacklyn Whittier, Kindergarten

That has the candy. Kiernan Grinnell, Pre-Kindergarten

Eat the cheese. Alora Jackson, Pre-Kindergarten

Or it will become a habit. Rory Anderson, Grade 4

That is not washed. Chloe Snipes, Grade 4

Or you get in trouble. Nicolas Krieger, Grade 4

Because your parents are probably watching. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

Because you won’t be able to play Wii. Mason Desautels, Grade 4

Of your mom. Alexa Butler, Grade 4

That you need in your life. Brendan Chalmers, Grade 4

Or I’ll bite you back. Colin Zouck, Grade 4

Or bad karma will bite you. Aria-Lynn Hilliker, Grade 4

Or else something will happen to you and you do not want to know what will happen. Will Bartley, Grade 4

It’s gross. Keegan O’Neil, Grade 2

This instant. Henry Eaton, Grade 3

That lives in the dumpster. Gannon Mitton, Grade 4

Bite the food. Karina Bushweller, Grade 3

Bite the dog. Kerrigan Westbay, Grade 4, Grade 4

Off. Alejandra Pino, Grade 4

Or it will bite you back. Mason Desautels, Grade 4

Because that’s mean. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

Because that’s weird. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

Or you will write a plan. Matteo Meyer, Grade 4

Or else. Mason Desautels, Grade 4

Or you will hurt me. Jake Bowen, Grade 4

If it’s not clean. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

Cause it is just crazy. Matteo Meyer, Grade 4

Too hard it might hurt. Alexis Methiowetz, Grade 4

That is kind. Kyle Marvin, Grade 3

That gives you strength. Mary McNamara, Grade 4

That gives you a home. Mira Rieley, Grade 3

That gives you courage. Ari Diamond, Grade 3

That helps you. Makenna Patrick, Grade 3

Bite the fly. Kaydance Melendez, Grade 3

That is kind. Hayden Durgin, Grade 4

Or I’ll bite yours. Tristan Pillsbury, Grade 4

Or you will be sorry. Mithun Karthikeyan, Grade 4

Or I’ll bite you back. Amelia Worth, Grade 4

Too hard or I’ll bite yours. Bridget Merchant, Grade 4

Or it will hurt. Owen Pierce, Grade 4

That heals the heart. Adelaide Durant, Grade 4

If you do it will slap you. Grace Ferguson, Grade 3

That picks your nose. Caydance Newton, Grade 4


One man’s trash is…

Too much! Jacob Bose, Grade 2

Stinky! Stinky! Stinky! Cooper Ludwar, Grade 1

Is in the closet. Kyle Krieger, Grade 1

Yucky. Jordan Blackburn, Grade 1

Can pollute the earth. Rory Anderson, Grade 4

Is a treasure to society. Gannon Mitton, Grade 4

Is a dog’s treasure. Alexis Methiowetz, Grade 4

Is the president’s problem. Mason Desautels, Grade 4

Ends up in the dump. Jake Bowen, Grade 4

Is one step farther from stopping global warming. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

Is another mans “come up.” Ari Diamond, Grade 3

Is another man’s cash. Will Bartley, Grade 4

Gold. AJ Sicard, Kindergarten

Another man’s gold. Marin Hemmett, Grade 2

Is in the trash bin. Abigail Usher, Grade 1

Is in the garbage. Collin Sicard, Pre-Kindergarten

Is another man’s dump. Alex Gaudette, Grade 4

Is another man’s treasure for me! Alexa Gillis, Grade 3, Grade

Is another man’s food. Chloe Snipes, Grade 4

Is another man’s trash. Nicolas Krieger, Grade 4

Is a second man’s trash. Collin O’Neil, Grade 4

Is another man’s goldmine. Allison Bates, Grade 4

Is another man’s food. Kylee Forrest, Grade 3

Is a treasure yard. Erik Schneider, Grade 4

Is your own problem. Kerrigan Westbay, Grade 4

Another man’s video game. Alessandro Cummings-Ferlo, Grade 3

Another man’s quiet place. Kyle Marvin, Grade 3

Another man’s fun. Noah LeCours, Grade 4

Another man’s life. Makenna Patrick, Grade 3

Another mans guinea pigs. Mira Rieley, Grade 3

Another mans tv. Hayden Durgin, Grade 4

Another mans day. Brendan Chalmers, Grade 4

Another’s trash Asa Roberts, Grade 3

Another man’s garbage can. Alexa Butler, Grade 4

Another man’s food Kaydance Melendez, Grade 3

Another mans luggage. Owen Pierce, Grade 4

Another man’s friend. Amelia Worth, Grade 4

Another mans prize. Ben Ladue, Grade 4

Another man trash. Griffin Cote, Grade 4

Another man’s money. Leigh Kerbaugh, Grade 4

Another man`s treasure. Shane Geraldez, Grade 4

Another person’s food. Isabelle Varricchione, Grade 3

Always edible. Keane Webre-Hayes, Grade 3




A penny saved is…

The right thing to do. Delia Beaudry. Grade 2

A penny to give. Aaron LaRose, Grade 2

Is nothing but a coin. Avery Hawkins, Grade 2

Is still money. Lily Alban, Grade 2

Is a penny in your pocket. Andrew Nguyen, Grade 2

Goes in the piggy bank. Sean Early, Kindergarten

A penny deserved. Gannon Mitton, Grade 4

Is a way to college. Alex Gaudette, Grade 4

$100 in the future. Allison Bates, Grade 4

One penny closer to a dollar. Alexis Methiowetz, Grade 4

Good money in the bank. Matteo Meyer, Grade 4

Could be your taxes. Mason Desautels, Grade 4

Getting you more vacation. Kerrigan Westbay, Grade 4

One step ahead. Owen Pierce, Grade 4

Is one cent. Cordelia Thomas, Kindergarten

Is a penny in your piggy bank Kennedy Desautels, Grade 2

In the cash register. Henry Eaton, Grade 3

Money lost. Chloe Snipes, Grade 4

A penny spent. Izzy Glickman, Grade 4

A penny saved. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

1/100th closer to $1. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

Some thing that makes good cents. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

A penny saved is happiness earned. Emma Anderson, Grade 4

A penny earned. Mira Rieley, Grade 3

A million dollars. Brendan Chalmers, Grade 4

Good luck to the world. Kyle Marvin, Grade 3

Another awesome house. Noah LeCours, Grade 4

Mine now. Tristan Pillsbury, Grade 4

Two pennies earned. Amelia Worth, Grade 4

Good luck. Ben Ladue, Grade 4

1 cent richer. Aria-Lynn Hilliker, Grade 4

Mine now. Mithun Karthikeyan, Grade 4

Enough to buy an iPod. Caydance Newton, Grade 4

Home is where…

My dog is. Emma Rich, Kindergarten

You have play dates. Ayla Kimball, Grade 1

People play. Hailey O’Neal, Grade 2

We stay. Sabrina Butler, Grade 2

All my special stuff is. Nicolas Krieger, Grade 4

The family is. Quinn Connolly, Grade 4

The love is. Alejandra Pino, Grade 4

Homework is done. Allison Bates, Grade 4

Laughter comes from. Alexis Methiowetz, Grade 4

You eat soup. Alexa Butler, Grade 4

You are loved. Noah LeCours, Grade 4

You belong. Mira Rieley, Grade 3

Awesomeness is. Will Bartley, Grade 4

The snow is and a snowman. Grace Ferguson, Grade 3

I cut my hair. Caydance Newton, Grade 4

The cowboys who put the underwear over pants live. Keane Webre-Hayes, Grade 3

You get toys. Eli Read, Grade 1

The driveway is. Henry Eaton, Grade 3

I wish for allowance. Gannon Mitton, Grade 4

Things live. Karina Bushweller, Grade 3

I play. Alexa Gillis, Grade 3

You beat your brother. Matteo Meyer, Grade 4

You are happy. Matteo Meyer, Grade 4

Love starts. Emma Anderson, Grade 4

Candy was made. Kaydance Melendez, Grade 3

You play. Hayden Durgin, Grade 4

You sleep and live. Ari Diamond, Grade 3

Kindness comes from. Kyle Marvin, Grade 3

Where you relax. Makenna Patrick

You can be loved. Mary McNamara, Grade 4

My family is. Amelia Worth, Grade 4

My family is. Kahlyn Wilson, Grade 4

I sit on the couch. Tristan Pillsbury, Grade 4

My bed is. Bridget Merchant, Grade 4

My shelter is. Ben Ladue, Grade 4

The story begins. Adelaide Durant, Grade 4

I live and everyone else lives too. Isabelle Varricchione, Grade 3



Laughter is the best…

Thing in the world because it makes everyone happy. Elsie Lewis, Kindergarten

Thing because it means you are having a good time. Cecilia Marino, Kindergarten

For everyone. Sophie Avery, Grade 1

Thing ever. Harlie Durgin, Grade 2

Sound. Philip Nguyen, Grade 2

When somebody says a funny joke! Emily Willis, Grade 1

Expression! Grayson Renaud, Grade 1

Face. Henry Eaton, Grade 3

When it is funny. Karina Bushweller, Grade 3

Solution. Chloe Snipes, Grade 4

Way to have fun. Nicolas Krieger, Grade 4

Cure for sadness. Quinn Connolly, Grade 4

Noise ever. Allison Bates, Grade 4

Way to earn friends. Emma Anderson, Grade 4

When you are with friends and family. Brendan Chalmers, Grade 4

From Dr. Suess. Grace Ferguson, Grade 3

Cure. Amelia Worth, Grade 4

Anecdote. Tristan Pillsbury, Grade 4

Advice. Gannon Mitton, Grade 4

Word. Riley O’Brien, Grade 1

Love. Izzy Glickman, Grade 4

Way to crack some one up. Noah LeCours, Grade 4

When you mean it. Ari Diamond, Grade 3
Way to get a good comment. Mary McNamara, Grade 4

Thing in the world. Kyle Marvin, Grade 3

For having fun. Mira Rieley, Grade 3

Exercise of all time. Alexa Butler, Grade 4

Way to communicate. Isabelle Varricchione, Grade 3




You catch more flies with…

A fly swatter. Adam Curtis, Kindergarten

With a net, but not with a hot dog. Sophia Higa, Kindergarten

An apple trap. Brett Degree, Grade 1

Your tongue. Hailey O’Brien, Grade 2

A frog! Alyssa Hill, Grade 1

A vacuum. Gannon Mitton, Grade 4

Candy than vegetables. Allison Bates, Grade 4

A pet frog. Alexa Butler, Grade 4

When you work together. Brendan Chalmers, Grade 4

A net. Leigh Kerbaugh, Grade 4

Your windshield. Tristan Pillsbury, Grade 4

Fly people. Jackson White, Grade 1

Your mouth. Samantha Evans, Grade 2

A swatter. Karina Bushweller, Grade 3

A fly swatter. Nicolas Krieger, Grade . 4

Nothing then something. Chase Lehman, Grade 4

A hammer than a towel. Mason Desautels, Grade 4

A frog. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

Summer than winter. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4

A fly swatter. Matteo Meyer, Grade 4

The best hands. Mary McNamara, Grade 4

Best food. Hayden Durgin, Grade 4

Sweet sauce. Amelia Worth, Grade 4

A flycatcher. Shane Geraldez, Grade 4

With your windshield wiper than a fly catcher. Bridget Merchant, Grade 4

A heart than a temper. Adelaide Durant, Grade 4

Why Williston is Great


Williston students responded to the prompt: “Imagine someone you know is thinking of moving to the area. Try to convince them to move to Williston in 100 words or less.”

By Finn Davis

Grade 7

I feel that Williston is a wonderful place. There are so many things that make it exciting and unique. One thing is that the people who live here are nice, creative, adaptable, funny and smart. Another thing that makes our town unique is that we have all of the seasons from the hottest to the coldest, we have hills, wood stoves and maple syrup also. The thing that I love most about Williston is that when you come here you can never go back to where you were before.

By Miles Kendrick

Grade 5

 Hello, feel like fun?

Move to Vermont now and you will get that. Cool neighborhoods and lakes like Sterling Lake. If you come now you will be pleased to settle in a good community like Williston. There’s Chow Downs, and many other events! People are pleased in Williston, like me. I even asked some! “Go to Allen Brook Trail with my dog.”  Ms. Peterson said. (The Teacher of Williston Central School) “Me” said somebody (a student of Williston central school.) Williston has made us happy and it will make you too.

Anyway come on down to our very, very peaceful place!!!


By Alia Russo

Grade 7

You should move to Williston for many reasons. One reason is because we have nice people in our town. We also have two good schools that have good education. We have a nice park and nice neighborhoods. You can play a lot of sports in Williston like soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, golf and football. You can play some of these sports at school. You can also be part of a dance team in Williston Central School. We have good restaurants and a good movie theater. We even have good stores to shop. We have a really good frozen yogurt which is near the Movie Theater and stores. In conclusion, you should come and move to Williston!


By Rosie Hark

Grade 5

Living in Williston Vermont is amazing! It would be great if you came here because everyone here is so friendly and kind. You would love it here, it’s so outdoorsy. Williston has great schools too! If you come to Williston everyone will welcome you with joy. We have lots of nature paths and fun outdoors places. Your friends might be so close that you can just walk to them! If you come here I will give you a tour of everything around here. Anyway, Williston is a great place to live so I would live here!


By James Eustace

Grade 6

Dear Bob,

I heard you may move to Williston from London. Let me tell you a few things about this great town! Our school is Williston Central School and it is for grades 3 through 8. One of my favorite things in Williston is the annual Fourth of July Parade in Williston village. Lots of people march in the parade and throw candy to the kids. We have great restaurants in Maple Tree Place like Mexicali and Quiznos. We also have Movie Theater called Majestic Ten. I love living in Williston and I think you will too.


By Cooper Snipes

Grade 7

There are many reasons why you should move to Williston. One reason is because of the weather. The weather is very nice because you get all the season. Another reason why you should move to Williston is because it is a very friendly environment. If you walk into any store or restaurant the workers are very nice and they always have a smile on their face. Also you should move to Williston because of the school. The school has very good students and the teachers are very helpful if you need anything. Williston would be a better place with you.


By Jackson Guernsey

Grade 7

Williston has a great community. The residents tend to know each other well in our quaint town. I feel safe in Williston with our local Fire and Police departments ready to help if needed. We all come together in our cheerful town to celebrate our delightful community with a parade every Fourth of July. Locals host Farmers Markets for fresh products. There are great schools in Williston that ensure everyone is accepted and successful. Everyone is welcoming and supportive in my great community. Williston is a great town and I am very glad it is the one I call home.


By Kieran Tharpe

Grade 6

You should definitely move to Vermont. You should move here because of the hiking. We have SO many great hiking trails to enjoy, from 1k hikes to 5 mile hikes. You should move to Vermont because we have great skiing. We have a variety of mountains to choose, from easy family mountains to difficult moguls. You should move to Vermont because of the Maple Syrup and Ben and Jerry’s. The Maple syrup is local and you can go to the Ben and Jerry’s factory where they make the ice cream! You can get free samples and AMAZING tours.


By Celia Cote

Grade 5

Williston, Vermont is a wonderful place to live. It has great public schools that have good technology and plenty to offer for people of all types. It has stores and movie theaters, but it also has woods and fields. Williston is an awesome town to live in if you want to be able to walk or ride your bike to school, the library or the grocery store. Williston is small enough to be cozy, but big enough to not be squished. Williston is great for people of all ages. That’s why I think you should move to Williston, Vermont.


By Reilly Roth

Grade 6

Williston is the best place to live for many reasons. You’re close to town while you’re close to the forest. The schools are great. The views are the best. You can go to your backyard and see many mountains. You can go to town and do almost anything and also be 5 minutes away from a hike. Williston is great even in the winter. You can go to a mountain and ski and snowboard and it is only 10 minutes away. That’s why I think you should live in Williston.


By Claire Gugerty

Grade 8

You should move to Williston because it’s a great place to live. There is an ice skating rink that’s a skate park in the summer. There is a nature and bike path trail. A huge playground at the school. Everyone in the school is so nice and it’s easy to make friends with everyone. Everything’s close because it’s such a small town. There are many fun things to do like go to the farmers market or the Fourth of July parade! There also great sports at the school. It’s really fun!

By Avery Longley

Grade 5

Well there are a few reasons why you should move here. It’s an amazing place with a good school with very nice teachers. Another reason is that they make fresh maple syrup from the maple trees and make maple candy, maple cookies, maple ice cream. They make fresh apple cider and make cider donuts at the cider mill where they give free samples of their cider. One last reason is that there are really cool places to go like the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory.

And that’s why you should move here.