August 31, 2015

Smith sentenced on assault charges (12/17/09)

Dec. 17, 2009

By Tim Simard

Observer staff

After a full day of testimony detailing years of domestic abuse, a judge sentenced former Williston resident Kaseen Smith to 15 to 30 years in prison for his crimes.

The sentence follows a plea deal in which Smith pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated domestic assault against his former girlfriend. As part of the deal, prosecutors dropped two charges of sexual assault.

The abuse took place in 2007 in the Williston home Smith shared with his now-estranged wife, girlfriend and the eight children he had with the women. Both women testified in court, detailing abuse that occurred over a 10-year period.

Issuing the sentence on Dec. 9 at Vermont District Court in Burlington, Judge Michael Kupersmith called Smith a “very dangerous individual.”

“I consider him to be a major danger to the community and not just to the two women we heard today,” Kupersmith said.

Smith’s former girlfriend appeared relieved after the sentencing, telling the Observer, “It wasn’t enough, but at least it’s something.”

Earlier in the day, the woman told the court she was afraid Smith would try to kill her after being released from prison. The wife made similar statements during the hearing.

“I know he’ll look for me,” the girlfriend said. “It doesn’t matter if he’s 70 when he gets out.”

The Observer does not publish names of domestic abuse victims.

Smith was arrested in February 2007, when Williston police learned of the abuse of his girlfriend. The woman fled their home and found solace at a battered woman’s shelter in Burlington. Shelter staff alerted police.

During processing for the assault charges, Smith tried to take Williston Police Detective Mike Lavoie’s gun from his holster, resulting in a charge of attempting to disarm a police officer. Smith was found guilty of the disarming charge in December 2007 and sentenced to two to three years in prison.

Smith was also found guilty in a separate domestic assault incident in 1998 in Binghamton, N.Y. He was convicted of assault with intention to cause physical harm to his wife, and spent a few weeks in a Binghamton jail.


Assault in Williston

According to court documents, the charges on which Smith was sentenced last week stemmed from two separate incidents in which the man attacked his girlfriend. Smith allegedly threw a weightlifting weight at the woman and also beat her with a walking stick until it split in two.

The girlfriend testified to more abuse during the sentencing hearing last Wednesday. She said Smith more than once held a gun to her and controlled her movements within the home and at work. She said he poured hot wax in her left eye during one incident and routinely made her eat her own contact lenses because he considered her vision impairment a “weakness.” The girlfriend said he beat her frequently, even once allowing the kids to hit her. The woman said the abuse became more frequent in the later years she lived with Smith.

“You just took whatever happened and hoped it would end soon,” the girlfriend said, adding that she eventually worked up the courage to leave with her two children.

While no charges stemmed from alleged abuse of Smith’s wife, the woman testified to similar attacks. She told the court Smith hit her “way too many times to count.” She feared leaving her husband, she said, because she would have been unable to take her six children and believed Smith would attempt to kill her.

“I just don’t want my kids to grow up the way he raised them,” the wife said. “He was showing the children it’s OK to treat people like that.”

Smith and his lawyers asked the judge for a lighter sentence of four to 10 years in prison. Lawyer Bill Skiff questioned the authenticity of some of the abuse allegations and pointed out that neither woman sought medical attention after the alleged incidents.

“The sentence would allow (Smith) to complete the type of counseling which is appropriate here,” Skiff said.

Before his arrest in 2007, Smith was an aspiring rap musician under the moniker KA, with a local access talk show in Burlington. He was also a youth sports coach with a football program in Essex and a soccer program in Williston.

Smith spoke briefly at the sentencing hearing, claiming he had found peace with himself and God over the assaults.

“I’d like to say I’m sorry for all the physical and mental anguish I caused the two ladies and kids,” Smith said.

Smith is currently housed at the Chittenden County Correctional Center in South Burlington.

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Young writers explore their creative side (12/17/09)

Dec. 17, 2009

By Tim Simard

Observer staff

Over the past four weeks, several Williston Central School students have been able to raise their creative writing talents to a new level. Thanks to funds from a local grant, about 15 upper house students took part in a supplemental class geared toward gifted writers.


    Observer photo by Tim Simard
Miciah Bay Gault (left) instructs seventh grader Meghan O’Day on how to write a sestina poem during Monday’s writing class at Williston Central School. About 15 gifted writers at the school took part in the four-week supplemental class.


    Observer photo by Tim Simard
Sixth grader Abigail Keim (left) listens as seventh grader Amelia Dodds reads her poem aloud during Monday’s writing course.

Not only were the classes informative, but most of all, they were fun. On the Monday morning of Dec. 14, students diligently created new names for themselves using a set list of words.

The title of the exercise was “My name is …” By arranging the words in different orders, tenses and uses in an eight-line poem, students discovered just how creative and elaborate they could be with their invented names.

Names and phrases such as “Crepuscular Photograph Mask,” “Intestinal Oyster Taxi Wagon” and “Pelican Freckles” echoed throughout the room. Students and their peers read the poems aloud, offering words of encouragement and praise.

“It’s like you’re taking yourself and trying to fit in with the words,” said seventh grader Shea Ingham. “It’s like a puzzle.”

Students taking the class said it gave them a chance to meet with other writing students at Williston Central and hear the work of peers. Sixth grader Amelia Dodds said the class inspired her to continue writing.

“This is the best creative writing class and lots of fun,” Dodds said.

Teachers across the upper houses nominated up to five students each for the extracurricular class, which took part during school hours. Seventh grader Jake Quatt said his teacher, Nick Brooks, encouraged his writing and wanted him to take the course.

“I like to write stories, usually historical fiction,” Quatt said. “I like to take things that actually happened and make them change a little.”

The class became available through a $750 grant discovered by Williston Central School receptionist Carmen Portelli. Always on the lookout for different grants, Portelli found one geared toward standout writers.

“It’s for children who have a specific gift but don’t have the opportunity to use it,” Portelli said.

The money was made possible through ExxonMobil’s locally owned Jolley Convenience Stores.

Miciah Bay Gault, the course’s writing instructor, focused primarily on poetry, introducing students to forms not commonly taught in English classes. After reading selections, students were asked to write their own.

During Monday’s class, students tried a complex structure known as a sestina. The poetic form uses six recurring words in different orders throughout the stanzas. Even in a limited amount of time, students began creating their own sestinas, which impressed Gault.

Gault is the editor of “Hunger Mountain,” a literary journal published in magazine and online formats. The journal is part of the Vermont College of Fine Arts, based in Montpelier. The school offers master’s degrees in fine arts in the areas of poetry, fiction and nonfiction writing, as well as specialty courses in children’s writing.

While Gault generally works with adults, she said she’s continually amazed at how advanced middle school students’ writing can be.

“It all starts here,” she said. “Their minds are really playful at this age and they love a challenge.”

Eighth grader Leah Soule said the class allowed her to write at length about her favorite subject, nature.

“It’s like my religion,” she said. “My ideas are mostly centered around nature.”

Ingham said she comes from a literary family and her parents try to write as often as time allows. Even outside of school assignments, Ingham tries to find time to write.

“It takes a lot of time for the inspiration to come, but when it does, it takes off like a rocket,” Ingham said.

Since Monday’s class was the last one of the course, Gault sent the students away with some encouraging words.

“I hope you all keep writing,” Gault said. “I hope you go back to your classrooms and teach your classmates how to do some of these poems you’ve learned.”


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Thinking of the kids left behind (12/17/09)

Scouts send ‘Hero Packs’ to soldiers’ children

Dec. 17, 2009

By Greg Elias

Observer staff

As he penned a note to go with gifts for a military kid, 10-year-old Nate Bamberger reflected on how he would feel if his mom or dad went off to war in Afghanistan.


    Observer photo by Greg Elias
Cub Scouts Nicolas Durieux (left) and Zachary Hark place a stuffed animal in a ‘Hero Pack.’ Each member of the pack brought an item to place in sacks, which were sewn by Williston Girl Scouts.

“I’ve thought about that a lot,” he said. “I’d feel pretty sad if it happened to me.”

Nate was among roughly 100 members of Cub Scout Pack 692 who gathered at Williston Central School on Monday evening to assemble “Hero Packs” for children of Vermont military members deployed overseas.

Amid the din of excited voices, Cubmaster Will Littlefield told the kids and their parents that the effort was a “communication tool” intended to “tell military kids how much the community cares.”

The boys grabbed green and red cinch bags and circulated among tables piled with gifts in the school’s cafeteria. Like little Santas, they stuffed their sacks with disposable cameras, scrapbooks, pencils, notepads, photo albums and other items.

The effort in Williston is part of a national program called “Operation: Military Kids.” The U.S. Army launched the program in 2005 as a collaboration with communities around the country to support children affected by deployments.

The Hero Packs are intended to thank children for the sacrifices they make when their parents are deployed, according to the Operation: Military Kids Web site. They contain items that can help youngsters communicate with their far-away mothers or fathers.

The University of Vermont Extension’s 4-H program oversees the state’s Hero Packs initiative. The Williston pack learned about the program through Boy Scouting’s Green Mountain Council, said Danielle O’Brien, a parent who helped organize the local effort.

Girl Scouts also pitched in. O’Brien said members of four Williston troops sewed the 50 cinch bags, scrambling to get the work done within two weeks, in time for Monday’s sack-packing activity.

Each Cub Scout brought an item to place in the Hero Packs. Local businesses and nonprofits chipped in with gift certificates and vouchers. O’Brien said contributors included Mexicali Grill and Cantina, Passport Video, Rocky’s N.Y. Pizza, Sports & Fitness Edge, Villari’s Self Defense and Wellness Centers, Zachary’s Pizza and the Williston-Richmond Rotary.

Littlefield said the program was a perfect match for Cub Scouts.

“One of the core principles and missions of Scouting is community involvement, community service and respect and giving back,” he said. “So this was a great project for us to get involved with. It encompassed all those aspects.”

None of the Scouts interviewed had a parent being deployed. But some said they or their parents knew of someone who was a military member serving overseas.

Littlefield said it was inevitable given the size of Williston and the local Cub Scout pack that some of the kids or their parents would have a connection to the 1,500 Vermonters being deployed to Afghanistan. Members of the Vermont Army National Guard have been leaving in groups of several hundred over the past few months, with the deployment scheduled to be completed by the end of January.

“Many of them have neighbors, relatives or even family members” going overseas, Littlefield said. “I myself do not, but I have a number of neighbors on my street that have served several times. It can hit close to home.”

After the hero packs were filled, the Scouts wrote notes to go with the gifts. Brendan Leprevost, 8, neatly printed his in orange pen.

“Take this gift as our appreciation,” he wrote. “You’re so brave!”


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Scientific young minds

    Observer photo by Karen Pike
Williston Central School student Greg Goldman shows off his science project, a replica of a medieval siege weapon, at the school’s science fair last Thursday evening. His ammunition was a marshmallow. 

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Sports Notes (12/10/09)

Dec. 10, 2009


Redhawk wrestlers on the road

After dividing home matches with Mount Mansfield Union (loss) and Milton High (win) a week ago Wednesday, the Champlain Valley Union High wrestling team faced three straight road trips, starting this past Wednesday at Enosburg High.

Wednesday’s match was scheduled for after press deadline.

The Redhawks will be back on the asphalt Saturday, bound for St. Johnsbury Academy and its Early Bird Tournament, which starts at 10 a.m. On Monday, coach Rahn Fleming and his grapplers will cruise down Interstate 89 for a session at Randolph High.

Last week, the Redhawks bowed 48-30 to Mount Mansfield, but emerged with a 36-27 triumph over Milton in a tri-meet on the CVU mats.

Schuyler Himberg (125 pound class) and James Datillio (285) scored wins in the victorious match.

Against MMU, Ryan Stearns (135) and Sam Fortin (171) were CVU victors, while Pat Shea (125) earned an exhibition thumbs upper.


Soccer officials honor both CVU teams

Champlain Valley Union High boys and girls soccer teams have both been given sportsmanship awards for the 2009 season by the soccer officials organization.

The boys’ award was presented prior to Thursday night’s home basketball game, with seniors Chris Beaton and Nick Hart accepting the trophy.

The girls’ trophy was presented at Friday night’s basketball contest to team members Amanda Kinneston, Lindsay Hawley and Sarah Monteith.


— Mal Boright, Observer correspondent


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Postseason awards for CVU football players, coach (12/10/09)

Dec. 10, 2009

By Mal Boright

Observer correspondent

Three members of the Division 2 runner-up Champlain Valley Union High football team earned first team All-State status and two others were accorded honorable mention on the annual galaxy group announced this weekend by the sponsoring Burlington Free Press.

In addition, Division 2 coaches named CVU’s Jim Provost their coach of the year, while eight Redhawk defensive players and seven from the offense were given slots on the various All-Division teams.

All-State first team honors went to offensive tackle Nathan Mills, defensive end Matt Long and cornerback Konnor Fleming. Mills and Long are seniors and Fleming is a junior.

All-State honorable mentions were won by senior placekicker Brian Cherhoniak and defensive lineman Cameron Fitzgerald.

Long was named tight end on the All-Division offense. He was joined by Mills, senior lineman Dan Thabault and Cherhoniak on the first team while Fleming is second team quarterback.

Offense honorable mentions went to running back J. P. Benoit, a junior, and senior lineman Mikey Bean.

Long, Fitzgerald and Fleming made the Division 2 first team defense. Second team picks are junior lineman Dale Conger along with linebackers Thabault, sophomore Drew Nick and junior Eric Palmer.

Senior Ryan Busch is second team defensive back.

Provost, in his second season as head coach, led the Redhawks to a 9-2 season and an appearance in the Division 2 title game after CVU was boosted to the higher division following the 2008 campaign in which it just failed to gain a Division 3 playoff berth.


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Ups and downs for CVU boys hockey ensemble (12/10/09)

Dec. 10, 2009

By Mal Boright

Observer correspondent

The defending Division 1 champion Champlain Valley Union High boys hockey team took on a solid 2-0 Spaulding High of Barre hockey team Wednesday night, the Redhawks hoping to even their season mark at 2-2.

The game was scheduled for after press deadline.

The Crimson Tide held victories over the two teams that edged the Hawks, Burlington High and South Burlington High.

Burlington bumped off CVU 2-0 Saturday night in the championship game of the annual Burchard Tournament at Leddy Arena, despite a 30-save performance by CVU goalie Mark Albertson. The Redhawks had 15 shots on BHS net minder Nathaniel Young.

On Friday, coach Doug Hopper’s Red and White had chalked up an 8-0 victory over Rice Memorial High in the tournament’s opening round.

Robbie Dobrowski and Derek Goodwin each fired a pair of goals for the winners. Sam Parent and Nate LaCroix popped single tallies, as did John Milbank and Max Hopper. For Milbank and Hopper the scores were their initial high school lamp lighters.

The Redhawks’ season opener was a week ago Wednesday, a 4-3 overtime loss to South Burlington’s Rebels.

Kyle Logan and Griffin Brady gave the Hawks an early 2-0 advantage, but South Burlington came back to go in front before Dobrowski tied the game with 10 seconds left in regulation.

Matt Chickansosky’s goal some two-and-a-half minutes into overtime won it for the Rebs.

CVU outshot South Burlington, 32-25.

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Donnelly leads Redhawks to 2-0 start (12/10/09)

Two home contests next for boys hoops squad

Dec. 10, 2009

By Mal Boright

Observer correspondent

Thursday night will be a good night for birders at Champlain Valley Union High’s Bremner Gymnasium. CVU’s Redhawks will be matching talons — er, hoops — with the visiting Missisquoi Union High boys Thunderbirds.

Missisquoi comes in for the 7 p.m. game with a 1-0 mark after nipping Mount Mansfield Union High 59-57 in overtime at home Monday night. CVU on the same night hiked its record to 2-0 with a 59-49 road victory at Vergennes Union High.

The Redhawks’ home stand ends Monday night with Vergennes rolling into town at 7 p.m.

With junior Jake Donnelly continuing his torrid scoring touch with 27 points (53 in two games), CVU broke out to an early 18-point lead in cruising past the Commodores, who fell to 1-2.

Will Hurd (15 points) and Robert Russ (10) joined Donnelly in double figures.

Vergennes did not go away easily. CVU’s big early advantage fell to just six points by intermission, but the Redhawks were able to maintain control through the second half.

The season-opening Mount Mansfield contest last Thursday was similar in that the Redhawks, paced by Donnelly’s 14 points, jumped to a 22-7 edge on the Cougars by the end of the first quarter.

But while CVU’s pressure defense produced seven MMU turnovers in the first period, the miscues in the second reel mostly came from CVU and the Cougars cut the Redhawks’ lead to 29-20 by break time.

“We got off our rhythm,” CVU coach Scott Bliss said of the ragged second quarter.

Floor play improved in the second half and CVU kept the lead between seven and 10 points until Donnelly, with a baseline drive, ignited a seven-point run midway through the final reel. The scoring streak boosted the Redhawks to a 56-37 advantage with four minutes remaining. The Cougars put in five more points before the buzzer, putting the final score at 56-42.

Donnelly finished with 26 points, a team-leading seven rebounds and three assists and enough running of the floor to earn the name “Mr. Motion.”

Russ nailed two big treys in the second half and totaled 13 tallies. Hurd had five points and five rebounds while guard Chris Beaton came off the bench for a busy five points, five rebounds, two steals and an assist.

A pair of sophomores had solid games for coach Jeff Davis’ Cougars. Tom Lacy dropped in three treys among his team high 14 points while 6-foot-7 Eric Suder scored 11 points and grabbed four rebounds.

CVU’s junior varsity notched a 41-36 win.


MMU-CVU, Score

MMU                        7            13            13            9     –   42

CVU                        22            7            14            13   –   56


MMU (42)

Lacy 5-10 1-2 14, Lecours 0-2 1-2 1, Suder 4-10 3-6 11, Brown 1-4 2-6 4, Leland 1-8 0-0 2, Wright 2-4 0-0 4, Labounty 0-1 0-0 0, Sharrow 2-4 1-2 6, Springer 0-0 0-0 0, Chornyak 0-0 0-0 0, Pochop 0-0 0-0 0, Garrow 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 15-43 8-18 42.

CVU (56)

Donnelly 8-15 8-10 26, Nigh 0-2 1-2 1, Hurd 2-8 0-2 5, Hart 0-0 0-0 0, Russ 3-9 5-6 13, Gale 1-1 0-0 2, Beaton 2-4 0-0 5, Rensch 0-0 0-0 0, Leckerling 1-2 0-0 2, Pierson 0-0 0-0 0, Boland 0-0 0-0 0, Spencer 0-0 0-0 0, Clayton 0-0 0-0 0, Karnes 1-2 0-0 2. Totals 18-43 14-20 56.


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Girls hockey team starts 2-0 (12/10/09)

Dec. 10, 2009

By Mal Boright

Observer correspondent

Shots on goal were no problem for the Champlain Valley Union High girls hockey team in its first two encounters of the 2009-10 campaign.

The girls unleashed 42 in their 9-1 opening victory last Wednesday over Mount Mansfield Union, and followed up Saturday with another 46 in a 6-0 whitewashing of Colchester High at Cairns Arena in South Burlington.

Coach Tom Ryan expects the contests to get tougher, starting with Wednesday night’s home meeting at Cairns against 0-1 South Burlington High, which was nipped 2-1 by a solid Spaulding High of Barre squad on Saturday. Wednesday’s game was scheduled for after press deadline.

“There are several strong teams in the division,” Ryan said.

The goal getters in the triumph over Colchester were sophomore Sophia Steinhoff, junior Molly Howard and senior co-captain KK Logan, each with two.

All three shooters and teammates might have had more scores but for some solid goaltending by the Lakers’ Gretchen St. Pierre, who came up with 40 stops on a night when traffic in front of her net was like Black Friday at a popular shopping mall.

Steinhoff got the Redhawks going with 4 minutes, 39 seconds left in the first period, scoring from out of one of those crowds with an assist from Kate Ford. Prior to the goal, St. Pierre had frustrated several CVU opportunities.

The Redhawks would not score again until midway through the second period. Howard made it 2-0 with an unassisted hard, rising blast from 20 feet out as she crossed from left to right.

With 2:43 left in the period and the Redhawks killing a penalty, Logan got the puck deep in her own territory and charged up ice past all defenders — even the Lone Ranger would have been in awe — and placed a shot past St. Pierre after some deft stick handling.

With CVU dominating territorial play, Steinhoff scored her second goal, Howard assisting, for a 4-0 lead going into the third stanza in which Logan and then Howard applied the finishing pointers. Maggie Ryan was credited with a helper on Howard’s tally.

CVU’s sophomore goalie Nicole Sisk had eight stops, five of those in the first period when Colchester was able to apply some offensive pressure.

In last Wednesday’s victory over MMU, Howard fired home three goals while Logan, Steinhoff, Ryan, Ford, Amanda Armell and Addie Peterson launched single scores.

Sisk had 16 stops in the Redhawks’ cage.

After the South Burlington meeting, the Redhawks will be off until this coming Wednesday, when they hit the road for a contest at Burr and Burton Academy of Manchester.


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Strong finishes boost CVU girls hoops team (12/10/09)

Dec. 10, 2009

By Mal Boright

Observer correspondent

It may take a while, but once the Champlain Valley Union High girls basketball team gets into high gear, the results speak for themselves: Two wins in its first two games.


    Observer photo by Jeff Schneiderman
Champlain Valley Union High junior Lindsay Hawley carries the ball past half court during the Redhawks’ game against South Burlington High on Tuesday night. The visiting Redhawks won, 49-41.

The latest triumph came Tuesday night at South Burlington and required a 20-7 fourth period surge to put away the now 1-2 Rebels, 49-41.

On Friday, the Redhawks opened the season with a dramatic, 55-51 overtime triumph at Bremner Gym over Mount Mansfield Union High. CVU returns home Friday night to meet Vergennes Union High at 7 p.m.

Tuesday, the Redhawks trailed South Burlington 36-31 just a minute into the fourth period and the outlook appeared rather grim.

But center Allison Gannon set up in a low post near the basket and got the ball twice from Shae Hulbert and once from Kendal Kohlasch for turn around lay-ins, the three consecutive hoops putting CVU up 37-36.

Guard Carlee Evans, a solid all-around performer, got loose for a fast break layup. Evans followed that with two free throws at 2:28 to kick the lead to 41-36.

South Burlington responded with a pair of hoops around two Kohlasch charity tosses, but Gannon, with another low post layup (pass from Hulbert) and free throw put the Hawks up 46-39 with less than a minute left.

Evans hit three of four foul shots to finish the job.

CVU’s glowing fourth quarter play (just two turnovers) was a nice recovery from a difficult first three periods, particularly the second when a 10-9 first quarter advantage became a 22-16 halftime deficit. The Rebels scored on six occasions in the eight minutes as a result of getting the ball via six of the eight CVU miscues in the stanza.

While the Redhawks, still troubled by turnovers in the third quarter, were able to cut only one point from the South Burlington lead, previews of coming attractions were there as Gannon nailed two inside baskets and Hulbert popped a trio of hoops.

Hulbert wound up with eight points, seven rebounds and three assists.

Gannon led the scorers with 17 points, hitting eight of 12 shots. Kohlasch chipped in 12 points and five assists while Evans had 10 points, four rebounds and three helpers.

The CVU defense was solid, holding the Rebels to 17 baskets in 46 shots. Rachel Crews, a junior, led South Burlington with 13 points.


Overtime in Hinesburg

The drama with Mount Mansfield had to be saved before the overtime could begin.

Gannon’s two clutch free throws with 24.2 seconds remaining tied the score at 48 to force overtime.

The Cougars scored first in the extra session on a hoop by forward Erin Simmons.

Evans with a jumper and Gannon with a shot from the key then put CVU up 52-50.

Elana Bayer-Pacht nailed a foul shot at the 52-second mark and Kohlasch with a pair of charity tosses at 14.8 seconds applied the clinchers.

Gannon led CVU scorers with 14 points and added seven rebounds plus five steals. Bayer-Pacht made going to the hoop pay off in 14 free throws tries of which she made nine in amassing 11 points. Kohlasch had 12 points and seven rebounds.

Simmons with 16 points and Halley Fisher with 15 paced the youthful MMU crew.




CVU 10 6 13 20   –   49

SBHS 9 13 12 7      –   41


CVU (49)

Kohlasch 4-6 3-3 12, Hulbert 4-6 0-0 8, Gannon 8-12 1-1 17, Giles 0-4 0-0 0, Evans 2-6 6-7 10, Donnelly 0 0 0-0 0, Riordan 1-3 0-0 2, Bayer-Pacht 0-0 0-4 0, Schenk 0-1 0-0 0, Hawley 0-1 0-0 0, Kinneston 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 19-39 10-15 49.


South Burlington (41)

Wimett 2-5 2-4 6, Crews 5-11 3-4 13, DeVarney 3-6 0-0 6, Chappell 1-7 1-3 3, Taylor 1-5 0-0 3, Gloyd 3-7 0-1 6, Bishop 1-3 0-0 2, Audette 1-2 0-0 2. Totals 17-46 6-12 41.


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